Prepare to change for good.

Real service takes courage.

JVC is for the doers. The darers. The carers. Ignited by faith, our volunteers take on some of the world’s most uncomfortable challenges, permanently transforming themselves and the communities they serve. In JVC you’ll live and work with those in need to build a more just and hopeful world. Give us one intense year, and we’ll give you a sense of purpose to guide every year that follows.



How to Apply

Before Submitting Your Application

The call to JVC can come at any time. Be ready to hear it.

Get involved

  • Participate in service or immersion trips.
  • Make a commitment to volunteer at a local organization.
  • Seek out a faith community or group on your campus or in your hometown.

Do Your Research

  • There are many post-graduate service programs. Do your research to make sure JVC is the right program for you. The Catholic Volunteer Network is an excellent place to start learning more.
  • Talk to friends, family, and other people who have committed to full-time service–hear their stories and ask questions.

Applying to JVC is a multi-step process. Use this timeline to plan and prepare your application.

August thru November

  • Begin thinking more intentionally about the type of program you would like. Are you interested in one or two years of service? Are you interested in community living or being more independent? Are you looking for a faith-based program?
  • Review this website and read as much as you can about the program and JVC’s mission and values.
  • Reach out to a recruiter!  Meet our team on the road or call email with questions.
  • Talk to a Former Jesuit Volunteer, campus minister, career services advisor, or mentor.
  • Pray and listen to your heart.


  • Applications will be available online.

November thru December

  • Begin your application. The deadline for the international program and first round with the domestic program is mid-January 2016.
    • Remember, with the holidays, you may need to plan some time to contact your references and gather your documents.
  • Talk with your references. Remind them of the submission deadline.
  • Request an official copy of your college or university transcript and ask that it be sent directly to JVC.
    • JVC
      Attn: Applications
      801 Saint Paul St
      Baltimore, MD 21202
  • If you are applying to the international program, set up an appointment with your doctor for an examination to complete the required medical clearance form.
  • Write your essays thoughtfully and honestly.
  • Update your resume.
  • Finalize your application.


  • Go through the application checklist to make sure your application is complete, including the application form, essays, resume, and medical clearance (international only). Also, be sure to follow up with your references to make sure they are also aware of the deadline.
  • If you have questions, call JVC at 410-244-1733 or email We are here to help.
  • Remember, the first-round deadline for the domestic program and the ONLY deadline for the international program is mid-January 2016.

January thru May

  • Interviewing and placement process is underway.