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Committed To: St. Francis Center

Corinne Fisher’s passion (and possible vocation!) for serving those experiencing homelessness dates back to service during high school and college.

Jesuit Volunteer
Fairfield University
Casa Dorothy Kazel
Serving at St. Francis Center in Los Angeles
I strongly believe that shelter is a basic human right. In fact, it troubles me to think that some people do not have access to a comfortable and safe place to even at minimum sleep at night. For this reason, I knew this was a population that I wanted to encounter during my year as a Jesuit Volunteer in Los Angeles. The placement site I committed to, St. Francis Center, would give me experience in nonprofit operations, volunteer management and team building. It would also foster rapport building and relationships with those I’d serve, that I was hoping for after graduation from Fairfield University.

For me, poverty and homelessness is a social justice issue that is so painstakingly evident. Yet, it’s an issue that can go unaddressed by those in positions of privilege or power. This may mean doing things like not driving through certain neighborhoods, or crossing the street when there is a person in need asking for money to meet a basic need like eating. After volunteer experiences in both high school and college, where I served in homeless shelters and food pantries—I knew I wanted to continue to stop, to listen and to sit with those who are often unseen.

Everyone has such a unique story that should be celebrated and heard. So often we put people into categories such as “the poor” or “the homeless,” and we forget to acknowledge the individuals as people with their own thoughts, feelings and basic needs that are left unmet.

When I first started looking into JVC, I knew I wanted a placement that dealt with poverty and homelessness. Upon finding the St. Francis Center, I was thrilled! I felt drawn to the St. Francis Center because they are not only a homeless day shelter, but also a food bank, and a place where all people can feel safe and loved. JVC has an emphasis on direct service making up a high percentage of the service that its volunteers do, so I knew my position as volunteer coordinator would have a direct impact. This type of service experience and relationship building with those receiving services at St. Francis Ccenter is exactly what I was looking for!


Are you looking to live and work with those in need to build a more just and hopeful world? Give us one intense year, and we’ll give you a sense of purpose to guide every year that follows.

In a culture that values what people have over what they give, JVC is an opportunity to commit to the dignity and well being of others and let faith ignite in action.