Oasis Center

Oasis Center – Youth Center Case Manager

Nashville, TN
Year Founded: 1969
JVC partner for: 14 years

Population Served: At-risk youth (ages 13-21) who are without a home

Organization Description:  Oasis programs provide life-changing opportunities to nearly 3000 youth each year, which include clinical and residential services and youth engagement programs. Oasis Center began in 1970 as Rap House, with the goal of providing non-traditional community-based care for runaway and homeless youth experiencing drug and alcohol-related problems. Oasis House was created six years later to provide emergency shelter and counseling for runaway and homeless youth. In 2009, Oasis Center and several other agencies moved into a new facility together to form the Youth Opportunity Center. The Center serves thousands of young people facing challenges through 20 different programs offering health care, job assistance, counseling, education support, emergency residential services, college counseling, and leadership opportunities—all under one roof.

JV’s Role: The JV helps coordinate the outreach center, which offers homeless youth a place to shower, do laundry, find clothes, eat lunch, connect with resources in the community, or just step away from the stresses of street survival. The outreach center also offers emergency beds for a few youth. The JV also routinely goes out to the streets on Friday evenings, to meet the youth where they are and provide information and resources.

How JVs Make an Impact: “Often the JVs have little experience working with this population but their passion and willingness to connect and love the youth make them excellent employees. We feel energized and renewed when we work with them. Having JVs has helped us deepen the level of services we offer youth who are experiencing homelessness.”