Women Against Abuse

Women Against Abuse – Case Manager, Residential Services

Philadelphia, PA
Year Founded: 1976
JVC partner for: 15 years

Population Served: Women and children escaping domestic violence, who may also be facing poverty, minimal education, unemployment, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Organization Description: Women Against Abuse (WAA) is an emergency and transitional shelter for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. It was founded as a part-time hotline in a women’s center, but now operates the largest domestic violence program in Pennsylvania. At the time of WAA’s founding, services for women suffering from domestic violence were almost unheard of. After early conversations with survivors, WAA leaders responded to hotline callers’ most frequently expressed need, the need for refuge, by establishing an emergency shelter in a small rented house. Three years later, the organization expanded its staff and facilities, and in 2007 relocated again to host a 100-bed facility which serves as a temporary home to over 600 women and children each year.

JV’s Role: The JV at WAA is given thorough training on trauma informed care and domestic violence in order to become a more informed case manager for the women she works with at the shelter. JVs are given their own case load to manage after shadowing another case manager. The JV advocates for women and children in a variety of city systems and helps clients access services and resources.

How JVs Make an Impact: “Having a JV has meant that we are able to maintain smaller caseloads, up to 10 fewer clients per case manager. Given the nature of our work and the trauma experiences of our clients, being able to keep caseloads lower and provide increased 1-on-1 attention is critical to our success.”