Xavier High School

Xavier High School – Teacher/College Counselor or Campus Minister

Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)
Year Founded: 1952
JVC partner for: 30 years

Population Served: 150-200 students from various ethnic and economic backgrounds

Organization Description: Xavier High School, the first Jesuit High School in Micronesia, is a co-ed high school with male student boarding. Xavier is considered the best high school in all of Micronesia and students come from many different Pacific Islands to attend. Since the Second World War U.S. Jesuits of the Northeast Province have had communities in the FSM. In 1952, the Catholic Church asked the Jesuits to establish a secondary school in the location of a former Japanese radio station building that was bombed out by the U.S. during WWII. That year, Xavier High School opened its doors to 21 local boys, and the following year attracted students from other Pacific Islands. In 1976, Xavier High School accepted the first female students.

JV’s Role:  Throughout the years, JVs have taught every level and subject. JVs also take on additional responsibilities (college counseling, campus ministry, coaching, etc.). JVs live on Xavier’s campus in community and work with a diverse group of faculty and staff (including U.S. Jesuits, lay and religious from Micronesia, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines).
Akoyikoyi School, near Xavier, is a relatively new non-profit elementary school that seeks to blend Western education and local Chuukese culture. It is also a JV placement and seeks to become a feeder school for Xavier as its students age out of the school.

How JVs Make an Impact: “JVs capture the spirit of the magis. They are always willing to do more for the school and bring lots of creative ideas.”