CANTERA – Youth Coordinator

Managua, Nicaragua
Year Founded: 1988
JVC partner for: 2 years

Population Served: People aged 14-29

Organization Description: The Center for Communication and Popular Education (CANTERA) is a Nicaraguan NGO committed to working with some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in both urban and rural areas. Cantera was founded with an orientation sensitive to gender issues, as an offshoot of another Nicaraguan NGO that used popular education in work with farmers. Today, CANTERA has a staff of 45 people and numerous volunteers who work in five different programs in rural and urban communities: Early Childhood Development, Youth Development, Local Rural Development, Community Health and Alternative Medicine, and Popular Education Courses. CANTERA has a presence in two neighborhoods of Managua, Ciudad Sandino and several rural communities.

JV’s Role:  Two JVs are currently placed at CANTERA. JVs participate in planned activities with the youth, teach English classes, tutor, tend the garden, facilitate personal and spiritual formation activities with local team members, and help with translations.