Centro Cristo Rey

Centro Cristo Rey – Tutor

Tacna, Peru
Year Founded: 1986

Population Served: Children and young people who are at risk in their socio-economic and family contexts (about 100 elementary school students and 30 high school students)

Organization Description: Centro Cristo Rey (Christ the King Center) is an organization promoted by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) which cares for young people in situations of poverty. The Centro was founded by Jeff Thielman, a former Jesuit Volunteer, over a multi-year process with the assistance of Father Fred Green SJ, the families of Colegio Cristo Rey students, and the families of the Centro students. It first started as an outreach to working children who shined shoes, carried water in the cemetery, and did other jobs. Today, there are 35 staff, including a number of international volunteers. Children receive homework help and attend skill-building workshops, including a citizen and faith leadership program. The Centro also provides classes to 100 youth who have dropped out of school.

JV’s Role: The JV has the opportunity to help students with homework, coordinate the youth leadership and faith group and help with other children’s programs.