Aurora Walker's Point Community Clinic

Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic – Medication Assistance Coordinator

Milwaukee, WI
Year Founded: 1992
JVC partner for: 13 years

Population Served: Low-income individuals, half who speak a language other than English as a first language.

Organization Description: The clinic serves people who often arrive with severe health needs due to not having resources to address their health issues sooner. It provides 14,000 medical visits and 1000 mental health visits annually and includes screening programs, chronic disease self-management, prevention education programs, and more. The clinic’s efforts are geared toward establishing independence, helping people understand the connection between self-care and health and how to manage health issues in the midst of dealing with poverty. The original clinic opened as a service project of Aurora Family Practice Residency training program. It opened in a homeless shelter and has moved 3 times in order to expand capacity. The original one exam room clinic now has 12 exam rooms and 20 paid staff working with 40 volunteers to serve 4,000 patients each year.

JV’s Role:  The JV’s role includes taking patients’ histories and vitals, phlebotomy, and lab work. Training is provided and it is excellent experience for someone seeking to enter the field of health care. The JV also supports the day-to-day operations at the Clinic, including managing the inventory of medications, and managing the online program which coordinates medication distribution for patients.

How JVs Make an Impact: “New and creative ideas from the JV have added something unique to the program each year.”