Back on my Feet – Program Coordinator

Baltimore, MD
Year Founded: 2009
JVC partner for: 1 years

Population Served: Back on My Feet (BoMF) members struggle with overcoming addiction, returning from incarceration, and/or homelessness.

Organization Description: BoMF is a national organization (based in 11 cities) that uses the influence of running to help homeless individuals gain self-confidence, connect with their larger community, and ultimately connect with employment and independent housing. During a challenging time in her life, BoMF founder Anne Malhum regularly ran past the same group of men outside a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. She developed a rapport with the men and was struck with the idea that they might also benefit from running. She received permission to start a running club with nine men living there, and it became clear that the experience was about more than running. She ultimately founded BoMF, in which members run together on teams alongside community volunteers as a means toward empowerment, accountability, and self-sufficiency.

JV’s Role: BoMF Baltimore partners with four different residential facilities downtown. The JV assists with many levels of programming, including facilitating morning runs, meetings and orientations. Teams of residential members and volunteers run together three mornings a week at 5:30am.The JV also helps coordinates races and events, and performs intakes, goal-setting, and follow up meetings with participants. BoMF hosts JVs in several cities where it has local chapters.