The Chrysalis Center – Employment Specialist

Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded: 1984
JVC partner for: 26 years

Population Served: Individuals experiencing unemployment and underemployment

Organization Description: Chrysalis’ philosophy is that a steady job is the single most important step in a person’s transition out of poverty. Offering a hand up rather than a hand out, Chrysalis empowers its clients to complete a self-directed job search. Chrysalis’ roots can be traced back to when John Dillon came to Los Angeles as a JV to work on Skid Row, assisting the area’s homeless population. He founded Chrysalis as a food and clothing distribution center, and as the agency grew, it became clear that long-term solutions were needed in order to eradicate poverty and homelessness. Chrysalis has developed an effective and nationally recognized program to help low-income individuals become job ready.           

JV’s Role: The Employment Specialist at Chrysalis works directly to orient, assess, and provide employment consultation to clients. The JV helps to assess new clients, assist with writing resumes, and provides information and referrals about training programs and educational opportunities. The JV also organizes and implements job and interview workshops. Clients meet weekly with the JV to talk about the job search and stay in touch even after the client has found work.

How JVs Make an Impact: “One of the MANY benefits we have seen from partnering with JVC is that we have been fortunate enough to hire volunteers as full-time staff when relevant openings are available.”