Housing Development & Advocacy

Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona – Home Repair Worker

Tucson, AZ
Year Founded: 1991
JVC partner for: 4 years

Population Served: Very low-income individuals, especially those who are elderly or disabled, and working families.

Organization Description: Community Home Repair concentrates its efforts on home repair and safety adaptations, completing over 1000 projects annually through the efforts of long-term and part-time volunteers. Clients are encouraged to contribute to the work, by providing labor themselves or through family members or friends, or contributing financially if they are able.

JV’s Role: The JV goes out into the field every day to do home repair work, an active hands-on job. This includes plumbing, carpentry, roof repair, electrical repair, and heating & cooling. JVs are trained on the job–no previous house repair skills necessary. Staff and volunteers, including the JV, are encouraged to take time to listen to clients and view them as whole people, not simply as an occupant of a home that needs technical work.

How JVs Make an Impact:  “We have had a good experience with each of our JVs; we are a strong and diverse agency and are made so by the wide support of volunteers, including the JV, local volunteers, and seasonal volunteers.”