Beth Arnone

Beth Arnone

Beth Arnone

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner


After graduating from Georgetown University, Beth Arnone
spent a year working in nursing. When applying for JVC,
she specifically asked not to be put in a nursing position.

“I was told they needed nurses badly and they convinced me to
take the position I took,” she said. “It was at a health center in South
Baltimore. I was an outreach nurse for new moms coming home”
needing postpartum care.

The clinic Arnone was based out of was run by former nuns
who were both nurse practitioners, or advanced practice nurses
who have completed coursework and clinical work beyond the
requirements of a registered nurse. She also found she really
connected with obstetrics and returned to graduate school for
midwifery, then to the Texas border for an internship.
“I had never been involved with nurse practitioners and they were
hugely influential,” Arnone said. “I went into being a midwife and
working as an independent practitioner because of that clinic. I
really wanted to work with indigent people.”

Working in a clinic run by midwife nuns in Texas, she delivered
pregnant teenagers’ babies.

“Every month we split whatever income we had,” she said. “Being
down there was a mini-JVC.”

She eventually returned to school to become a primary care nurse
practitioner and works in that today. She met her husband, Mike
Johnston, through JVC. He was a volunteer in Baltimore in 1982
and 1983, right before Beth joined. He also works in the
medical field as a physical therapist, and the couple and their
two children live in an intentional community called Liberty
Village Co-housing Community in Union Bridge, Maryland.