Ben DeGarmo

Ben DeGarmo

Ben DeGarmo

Program Coordinator – Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis

Fun Fact: Completed the Around the World Beer Club at Logan’s Alley in Grand Rapids, MI.

What passions and experiences brought you to JVC’s staff?

A passion for retreat planning, specifically around leadership development. I worked in residential treatment and saw both a nonprofit’s need from that viewpoint and the impact a full-time volunteer can have.

Where did you go to college and how did the experience shape you?

I attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI, with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology with a storytelling focus. It led me into the theological viewpoints of Thomas Aquinas, C.S. Lewis, GK Chesterton, and the works of Joseph Campbell. I also enjoyed writing poetry and non-fiction.

What do you like to do in your free time and why do you enjoy doing it?

I am an avid comic book reader, picking up almost everything DC Comics. I love to play table top games, and am thrilled that a new game shop just opened up close to our home. Since its arrival to the U.S. in 1997 I have been playing Pokémon is some form, competing at a state level in college with a close friend. My wife Monica and I enjoy hiking when possible and make sure to see all the movies that get nominated for the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes.

What do you wish other people knew about JVC?

It starts off as a year or two of service, but that is just the core of what it really is all about. JVC is a lifestyle that includes practicing the four values, learning the ideals of St. Ignatius, and seeing each person as a wholly unique human. The commitment of service is just the beginning.