Ben Gooley

Ben Gooley

Ben Gooley

Pastoral Ministry and English Aide, Colegio Lecaros
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University 2016
Major: English Creative Writing

What do you like to do in your free time and why do you enjoy doing it?

Anything outdoors, particularly running and hiking, because nature inspires me. Nature is one of the places where I encounter God most because of all of the beauty it holds.

What drew you to JVC?

The four values of JVC drew me in because they are already ideas I value and I wanted to learn how to live them out even more deeply. I am excited in particular about the opportunity to walk with my community mates, to keep each other accountable, and to help each other become better people.

Tell us something you’re looking forward to at your placement?

I have always been deeply rooted in my faith and I can’t wait to share that faith with others. I am excited to talk to the students about their faith and life experiences. I look forward to really getting to know them and their stories so I can better understand how to accompany them in their journeys.

What was your most inspiring experience in college and how did it lead you to JVC?

During the last three semesters of college, I wrote a fiction novella about homelessness because I noticed how novels and short stories have impacted me. I wanted to share my passion about a social justice issue to inspire others to care more about the issue.