Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman

Clinical Nurse Leader Student & Oncology Certified RN
Marquette University

Paul Freeman switched to a nursing program at Gonzaga University
during his freshman year when he realized pre-med wasn’t the
right fit. He joined JVC in 2007, working in Hartford, Connecticut,
as a case manager and food group coordinator at Immaculate Conception
Church and homeless shelter.

“After joining JVC, I remember one or two of my classmates asking me why
I would want to join,” he said. “Essentially, they said I should worry about
losing my skills and, of course, there’s the whole money aspect to taking a
year off. It was definitely a privilege to be able to volunteer. JVC gives you
an opportunity to grow in other skills that are very pertinent to nursing.”

After his volunteer year he went to work in a blood and marrow transplant
unit in Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, a job that was
particularly suited to some of the healing ministry he learned in JVC.

“Working as a JV in a homeless shelter was a good experience because I
worked with people going through difficult times and was learning how to
develop relationships over time,” he said. “This is important in oncology
and especially in blood and marrow transplant because those patients are
often there for weeks or months to receive care.”

He is now working toward a master’s in clinical nurse leadership at
Marquette University, where he met a spiritual director who helped give
him perspective on how nursing is tied to JV ministry.

“He was saying it’s important to think of healing as a ministry of peace,
helping people find peace within themselves and their bodies,”
Dr. Scott Early Franklin 81 Freeman said.