Danielle Schiestle

Danielle Schiestle

Danielle Schiestle

Pregnancy Center Program Assistant, The Northwest Center
Marquette University 2016
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Fun Fact: Llamas are her favorite animals

What drew you to JVC?

Coming from a Jesuit school, I was inspired to look for something after college that would be a fulfilling experience for myself, my faith, and my community. JVC provided me with an opportunity to combine my passion for social justice with a program that challenges me to live out my faith through action.

Name one bucket list item you’re looking forward to crossing off with your community?

I’ve heard that the neighborhood we’re going to be living in holds a neighborhood clean-up the first Saturday of every month and I’m looking forward to joining in that effort with my community!

What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?

Health disparities. I believe that health is a human right. Health care and medicine have always fascinated me, and throughout my college career as I dove into the more social side of medicine I began to question why certain people receive health care while others do not. It’s hard to believe that people living in the same city may have a 15+ year difference in life expectancy due to their race or socioeconomic status.

How did you choose your college?

I chose Marquette because of its Catholic, Jesuit identity. I toured the school and simply fell in love. Milwaukee is an incredible city and offered so many opportunities to college-age students willing to branch out and explore.

What sports, clubs, activities or organizations were you a part of in college?

I was a part of Orientation Staff, Pi Beta Phi sorority, Hunger Clean-Up, Companions in Leadership, and Senior Challenge.

What was your most inspiring experience in college and how did it lead you to JVC?

One of my most inspiring experiences at Marquette was attending the first ever Social Justice in Action conference. The conference allowed me to listen to all types of community partners and their experiences regarding social justice work, as well as learn how to be a better ally and how to explore my privilege. This happened as I was finishing the interviewing process with JVC and it left no doubt in my mind that I wanted to spend a year working to strive for a more just society.