Garrett Rice

Garrett Rice

Garrett Rice

Teacher/Counselor, St. Peter Claver High School
Regis University 2016
Major: English
Fun Fact: Has participated in musical theatre for the past seven years.

Share a little about the moment you got your offer from JVC?

I was at my work-study job at school when my Program Coordinator called and gave me the incredible news. I was so caught off guard I spilled my coffee on my papers and then proceeded to have a celebratory solo dance party. I then ran straight to my supervisor who was my reference for the application and told her. Great day!

Tell us something you’re looking forward to at your placement?

I’m thrilled to work with the amazing students of SPCHS and learn from them each new day (and also beat them in soccer at lunch).

How did you choose your major?

I pursued an English degree because of my love for creative writing and literature, plus the department at my college was incredible. I’m so excited to share my passion for reading and writing with my students.

What was the most inspiring experience you had in college and how did it lead you to consider JVC?

Each semester I performed in an annual Concert for a Cause which started as a small open mic night my freshman year. With each new semester, the fundraising goals grew larger and the impact spread wider with each person involved. To blend my love for music and social justice was an incredible and memorable experience.