Jo Pressimone

Jo Pressimone

Jo Pressimone

Development Manager

Fun Fact: Has seen every movie on the AFI top 100 Films list.

What passions and experiences brought you to JVC’s Staff?

I am a born collaborator and have found great opportunities to work closely with just about every member of the staff on something. Also, I am a bit of a social planner and like to find fun activities to do with co-workers, from movie screenings to trivia nights.

Where did you go to college and how did the experience shape you?

I attended Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. I was involved in music, theater, residence life, and campus ministry. I loved my religious studies courses, and still nurse a passion for interreligious dialogue as a means to peace. My Edmundite education gave me a foundation for pursuing a life grounded in service and justice. Also, Vermont is the best state.

How would your friends or family describe you?

When I asked them, they said I am imaginative, creative, funny, outgoing, energetic, empathetic, and a team player. They also mentioned my freakish ability to rattle off obscure movie trivia. And that I am easily distracted by family text messages.

What makes you laugh?

Nothing makes me laugh harder than being told not to laugh. And awkward silences. And my family’s responses to “How would your friends or family describe you?”

What do you wish other people knew about JVC?

There are many ways to stay involved with JVC after completing a year or two of service, from serving as support people in the communities where volunteers live and work, to participating in FJV retreats and social gatherings, to supporting the current volunteers with prayers, messages of encouragement, and gifts made in their honor.