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The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) and agency partners rely on one another to further the missions of both the agency partner and JVC. JVC relies on local agencies to provide full-time work for JVs to serve the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable. Agency partners benefit from having enthusiastic, well-educated Jesuit Volunteers on staff at a fraction of the salary for an entry-level employee. There is a high degree of satisfaction among agency partners, which tend to remain affiliated with JVC for many years. Over 90% of agencies reapply each year. The foundation of the JVC/Agency Partnership is based on strong communication and clear expectations.

The online application will launch in mid-October. The deadline for placement to apply for a Jesuit Volunteer for the 2017-18 program year is November 27, 2018.

If this is your first time applying to JVC, please contact us at 410-244-1733 x130.

This online system is for agencies (organizations) interested in applying for a domestic Jesuit Volunteer placement. If you are interested in applying for an international placement, please contact our international program.

JVC Commits To

Agencies Commit To


Where We Serve


JVC will commit to the following in support of all selected agency partners:

1. Provide regular communication about JVC programming and agency expectations throughout the
2. Recruit, screen and make recommendations for placement of Jesuit Volunteers (JVs).
3. Work with agency to address any concerns about quality of a JV’s performance.
4. Create and distribute the Program Agreement at the beginning of the program year.
5. Organize local support for JVs and their community.
6. Provide retreats and workshops to support the JV, their professional and personal development, and
the work in which they are engaged.
7. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the program and the partnership which is both qualitative
and quantitative.


Agency partners will commit to the following in support of JVC:
1. Provide open and responsive communication to JVC staff on issues that relate to the JVC program
or JV’s work performance.
2. Review and sign, as an indication of agreement, the Program Agreement at the beginning of the
program year.
3. Provide a clear and detailed position description to JVC
4. Participate in planning and executing of local orientation.
5. Prioritize availability of an administrator and/or supervisor to meet with a JVC staff member in the fall
and spring during JVC staff visits.
6. Provide mentoring and other professional development opportunities for the JV.
7. Provide feedback (formalized supervision meeting) at least once a week for the first two months of
JV’s employment.
8. Attend all city-wide agency meetings with a JV over the course of the year (agency will send
alternate if primary contact is not available).


Criteria for Selecting Agency Partners
The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) supports organizations, or agency partners, that are engaged in vital service and serve needs basic to human dignity.

Preference is given to agency partners that address the most pressing and neglected needs of the community they serve. Organizations requesting or reapplying for Jesuit Volunteers are evaluated according to the following criteria:

Organizational Mission & Structure

1. Serve poor, low-income, and marginalized people

2. Encourage the people served to take an active role & responsibility in meeting their own needs

3. Strive toward changing unjust social structures

4. Seek to hire and promote individuals and recruit volunteers without regard to ethnicity, gender,

sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, national origin, age, physical disability or socioeconomic


5. Unable to secure a full-time employee due to lack of funding or qualified personnel

6. Understand and support the mission of JVC

Nature of Volunteer Position

1. Provides 75% of hours in direct contact with the population being served and is an integral part of

the organization

2. Clearly defines and outlines a written job description that accurately states the tasks and

responsibilities of the volunteer experience

3. Provides excellent training, supervision and support to volunteer

4. Educates the volunteer about the lives of the poor and marginalized and immerses the volunteer in

the daily reality of the people they serve

5. Allows the volunteer to participate fully in his/her intentional JVC community responsibilities

6. Does not require excessive night and weekend work (1 night/week or 1 weekend/month)

Community & Program Compatibility to JVC

1. Collaboration with JVC program including monthly check ins and visits twice per year

2. Availability of a defined and stable local support system for volunteer and volunteer community that

provides for growth in faith and justice work

3. When possible, collaboration with Jesuits and Jesuit institutions

4. Long-term feasibility of JVC presence in area being served by volunteers

5. Cooperation with other city-wide agency administrators


These criteria are a tool used by JVC staff to encourage the objective evaluation of applicant agencies. JVC evaluates its placements annually, and most agencies reapply for a Jesuit Volunteer each year. Decisions regarding placement of volunteers are based on the written proposal, the proposed job description, and a
site visit by a member of the JVC staff. Where applicable, previous association with the organization and the volunteers’ evaluations of it are considered. Other factors include the total number of volunteers JVC can place in a city and the number of volunteers JVC can accommodate, keeping in mind staff and funding limitations.

In addition to the above, final placement selection for potential JVC cities will be contingent upon successfully fulfilling other requirements needed to open a new community. These requirements include a strong support network, comprised of Former Jesuit Volunteers, Jesuits, and collaborating agencies, as well
as housing for the volunteer community


Countries: Belize, Chile, Micronesia, Nicaragua, Peru and Tanzania


US Cities: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin. Baltimore, Berkeley, Boston, Bridgeport (CT), Camden, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Mobile, Nashville, New Orleans, New York (Brooklyn and Harlem), Newark (NJ), Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (ME), Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Scranton (PA), St. Francis (SD), St. Louis, Syracuse, Tucson, Twin Cities and Washington DC.


Please refer to this document for more details about JVC’s criteria for agency partner selection.

If you are an applicant interested in applying to become a Jesuit Volunteer, the initial deadline (and only deadline for the international program) is January 31st, 2018. Learn more about becoming a JV.