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Jesuit Volunteers are a community of faithful individuals that live simply and act boldly in the pursuit of social justice. Each year, a new set of volunteers embrace Ignatian values by taking the bold step of committing to a year of service.  By supporting their journey, you create a path to a different kind of prosperity.

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A different path. A different kind of prosperity.

The journey of every Jesuit Volunteer is guided by our four core values.

At a glance

  • 25 types of service
  • 250 agencies
  • 37 US cities
  • 6 countries

Working for justice with and for people who are disenfranchised, marginalized, or vulnerable, such as children with limited educational opportunities, people who are homeless, patients diagnosed with AIDS, survivors of domestic abuse, low-wage earners, former gang members, refugees, or the elderly.

Over 200 schools, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots organizations across the world count on JVs to provide essential services.

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