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Admissions discernment

Admissions Tip # 1: Be open during your discernment process

Jesuit Volunteer Corps places young professionals at partner agencies who do good work in over 36 cities and 6 countries across the globe through our admissions process, individual discernment and through our service program. We value and transform the lives of volunteers in the field by focusing our formation program on: spirituality, social justice, community and simple lifestyle.

Deciding whether to complete your service experience with us might be tricky! We call this process of consideration: the discernment process; and it can be a roller coaster of emotions and expectations. Can I commit to this service experience for 1-2 years? Will I like my placement? What will my community be like? Throughout your discernment process, remember that these choices and decisions will ultimately have to come from you. But JVC staff is always available for follow-up conversations to help you discern.

If you are feeling exhausted, nervous, or skeptical about committing to 1-2 years of service with JVC, please let us know. The more open you are in your communication with us, the better we can serve you during this time. We like to know things like: when you have other job offers you’re considering, or your honest feedback on your interviews with placements. Of course, we can’t guess any of this! So we’ll need you to be open with us and to communicate these circumstances with JVC staff. We like the opportunity to explore your hesitations and questions upfront so that we can pair you with the right agency for your personal and professional growth.


Are you looking for a community that’s committed to your professional growth after you graduate? Have you considering applying for a placement site through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps–learn more by clicking the button below.

In a culture that values what people have over what they give, JVC is an opportunity to commit to the dignity and well being of others and let faith ignite in action.