Tip #3: Prepare questions for your interviews

During interviews with our non-profit partner agencies, our applicants gain the information they need to decide on a placement site that works for them!
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Tip #3: Prepare questions for your interviews

A job description can only tell you so much. What it might not include is the history behind the organization, information about who you’d work with, or how big of a staff or company to expect on day one. When considering non profit agencies that JVC partners with remember that the written job description is only a part of the agency story. It is during interviews that applicants often gain the information they need to make firm decisions about placement sites.


JVC partners with agencies that dedicate time and resources into perfecting a job descriptions, but there are others who may only be able to give a brief overview of what the work entails. If the work is generally interesting to you, we encourage you to be open to it! During an interview is a perfect opportunity to ask more questions and get a feel for what your future work environment is like.   

Since JVC partners with agencies across many different service areas, industries and ministries there are opportunities for volunteers to deepen their understanding about a wide range of issues. It may also mean that it is an agencies first year getting a volunteer to fulfill a particular role. Or perhaps the agency has had a volunteer fill this position for fifteen years—it all depends. To get the full picture, be sure to create a list of the things that are important to you and then ask about them during interviews.

You’ve known you for your whole life, we’ll only get a few hours overall to learn more about you. This means, you ought to prepare for conversations about JVC and placement options with questions that you’ll need to make the best choice for you. We recommend you do some homework before your interview, and think of at least 5 questions to ask the agency you’re interviewing with.

Are you looking for a community that’s committed to your professional growth after you graduate? Interviews with JVC can help you discern if our program is right for you at this time! Have you considering applying for a placement site through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps–learn more by clicking the button below.

In a culture that values what people have over what they give, JVC is an opportunity to commit to the dignity and well being of others and let faith ignite in action.