holy week

2022 Lenten Reflection: Beginning of Holy Week

Please watch the following video provided by Loyola Press: https://youtu.be/Uu5wGfyBf20

The Crowd Gathers 

Imagine that Jesus is coming down a street today near where you live. You do not yet see him—he is two or three blocks away—but you can tell it’s him because of the crowd gathering around him as he enters the neighborhood. You hear snatches of conversation up and down the street, people saying that it really is Jesus! Something in your heart and soul tells you, too, that it’s the one you know as Lord or Savior. 

Before he comes into view, reflect on your own expectations. What do you hope he looks like? What kind of face, body, expression, hair, and clothing does he have? Do you want to see him arrive in a nice car, on a motorcycle, or on foot? 

You can see that he is surrounded by people. Which people do you hope are with him? Which people do you hope are not with him—people you don’t want to be with? 

And what do you hope he will say and do, when he comes close enough that you can witness it? 

Now he comes near, and the crowd parts. What do you see? 

What do you feel? 

How do you react? 


*Taken from Loyola Press' Arts & Faith