fifth week of lent

2022 Lenten Reflection: Fifth Week of Lent

Imaginative Prayer  

Our prayer this week explores the implications and consequences of following Christ. Ignatius does this by proposing three scenarios or “thought experiments” involving the challenge of being one of Christ’s disciples. 

The question hovering over the whole week is: What do I really want? 

What do you want? That is, what does your heart say? What do you really want? That is, look honestly at your desires as they are. God is more interested in what you feel than in what you think. And God is interested in your real feelings, not the feelings you think you should have. 

The Call of the Disciples 

God’s call is meant to give us a fuller life of deeper meaning and authentic joy (though not without the sacrifices that accompany a life of discipleship). Far from being imposed from above, God’s will—or God’s desire—for us is found in our own deepest, truest desires. 

Allow God’s Spirit to inspire holy desires in you. We don’t have to make any offering or commitment if we’re not ready. For now, we just want to be open enough to hear the call and to get excited about Christ’s engaging vision for us and the world. 

The Grace I Seek 

I pray for the following graces: to listen more attentively to Christ’s call in my life; to become more ready and eager to do what Christ wants. 


Read Matthew 4:18-25 (call of the disciples). 

Consider Jesus’ call and the response of the disciples. Use the techniques of imaginative prayer to reflect on this passage. 


*Taken from An Ignatian Prayer Adventure