Initial Orientation 2018 icebreakers
Initial Orientation 2018 icebreakers

Orientation Preparation

As a Jesuit Volunteer, you can expect a series of onboarding tasks that are meant to set you up for success as you kick-off this next program year with us at JVC. Below you'll find general information about preparing for Orientation and glean some insights about what is ahead.


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Orientation is an annual gathering for incoming Jesuit Volunteers and members of the JVC community to come together in celebration and exploration of our four core values.

Starting in 2018, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps announced that it would host an integrated orientation for all domestic and international Jesuit Volunteers.

An integrated orientation furthers the organization’s mission of forming leaders committed to faith in action, while preparing them to engage in vital service within marginalized communities.


Here's what you need to know prior to August!


Booking Transportation to Orientation

All Jesuit Volunteers are responsible for their travel expenses to Orientation. After Orientation is complete, JVC will cover all costs of travel and lodging from orientation to each volunteer’s city of service. If you are a RJV Hurley Fund recipient or Additional Year volunteer, you should have received separate communication about your travel logistics.

Upon booking your travel, please immediately inform JVC with all booking details by doing xxx. If for whatever reason, you are forced to book travel that arrives one day earlier than August 1—please do let us know. JVC has a limited number of spaces to accommodate early arrivals.

If you are planning to drive to Orientation, please do this. Details about parking your vehicle will be provided closer to Orientation.

Orientation Dates and Arrival Times

Orientation will take place at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. All Jesuit Volunteers are expected to remain on campus and actively participate in all sessions and components of Orientation to insure that they are well prepared for their term of service. 

JVC staff will be waiting to welcome and check-in all Jesuit Volunteers at xx dorm. Our official kick-off time is at xxpm; however, we will have a series of icebreakers and activities as folks arrive. Upon arrival, Jesuit Volunteers will receive an Orientation schedule, information about our presenters and your remaining travel schedule/information for your trip from Orientation to your city of service.

If for whatever reason you have a flight delay or cancellation, please immediately reach out to xx at xx number. We will work with you to insure your transition into Orientation is as smooth as possible.

Additional Year Jesuit Volunteers (2nd year serving with JVC)
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Jesuit Volunteers serving in the US 
Arrive By:

Jesuit Volunteers serving internationally
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What to Expect Prior to Your Arrival

Send Me To Serve Call
All Jesuit Volunteers are expected to create a Send Me To Serve (SMTS) account in our system upon signing their program agreement. At JVC, Send Me To Serve is considered a commitment to mission that is made by volunteers and those who support them. This community-driven campaign has two primary functions: (1) To help JVs and their friends and families to connect more deeply with the mission of JVC and help spread it far and wide. (2) To raise funds in support of JVC, which will help us continue to partner with over 200 non-profit agencies and provide vital service to tens of thousands of people every year.

During your SMTS call you will receive more information about the purpose of this campaign; ways to approach a skill like nonprofit fundraising; ways to spread awareness about the service Jesuit Volunteers (like you) provide for communities on the margins.

Meeting Your Coordinator
Jesuit Volunteers will begin to meet their coordinator who will accompany them during their term of service in mid-June. This is the best person to ask questions to about what to expect about your JV house and service in your city. When you are formally introduced to your coordinator you will receive more information about where your JV House is located, some of our history of serving in that city and who is on your local support team. Before Orientation, you will have at least one call with your coordinator and possibly a 2nd call with your JVC community mates.  

Packing for Orientation
All Jesuit Volunteers will receive a packing list via email from JVC. Please refer to this list when preparing for travel to Orientation. Once you arrive in your service city, you can have friends or family ship additional items to you if deem this necessary. DO NOT ship additional items before you arrive in your city of service.

Orientation Details

When you arrive at Orientation, you'll have the opportunity to meet incoming JVs, play some ice breakers, pray together and rejoice about this new experience.

Accommodations and Meals
JVC staff assign all volunteers to shared dorm rooms for their stay and all meals will be provided and take place on campus throughout Orientation. All of our meals will take place in the same dining hall and we will generally walk over together either as a large group or in small groups prior to mealtimes. JVC staff will designate a room at our Orientation site for all small needs that may come up unexpectedly like Band-Aids, or hair gel.

Questions, Urgent Needs and Emergencies
JVC Staff will have a designated office space during Orientation should any concerns or urgent needs arise. We will announce this information throughout our retreat announcements which happen periodically throughout the day. After hours, there will be a staff member on call for any emergency concerns.

Departing from Orientation

Travel from Orientation to Your City of Service

JVC covers your travel expenses and bookings from Orientation to your city of service. Depending on the distance of your JV house and other factors, some volunteer communities will drive, others will take a bus and some might take a plane

Local Orientation

After arriving in your city of service, you'll participate in a local orientation organized by JVC staff,  former volunteers and agency partners. The first day of full-time service will begin shortly afterward in mid-August.

Volunteers serving abroad with later arrival dates will have a different schedule. JVC will continue to be in communication about your transition.

Placement Site Training

Each placement site varies in the level of training required for the Jesuit Volunteer to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. In instances where training is mandatory due to the laws in that state, there may be additional certifications, online courses or proficiency exams that you would complete prior to or upon arrival to your city of service.

Your Journey to Orientation

Get in touch with a staff member should you have additional questions or concerns about Orientation.

Jesuit Volunteer serving in Los Angeles (2015-16) in their role as a classroom teacher.