All basic living expenses are provided to Jesuit Volunteers through the program including rent, utilities, transportation to and from work, health insurance, transportation home at the end of the year, a food stipend, and a small personal monthly stipend ($100 domestically, the equivalent of $60 U.S. internationally).

  • JVs commit to living simply and are encouraged to stay within the monthly stipend. All should be conscious of their privilege and the effects that spending outside of the stipend may have on the local community.  
  • All JVs work as a community to learn how to balance income and finances on a small budget, a great life skill that FJVs share as a tremendous benefit for their lifetime.
  • During the program, JVs are eligible for deferment or forbearance of most federal student loans. Eligibility for private loans varies from lender to lender, but JVs have found that most lenders will offer the same. JVC can provide documentation to verify participation.