Simple living can be daunting at first, but many Jesuit Volunteers find it to be liberating. JVC offers a time and space where JVs can reflect about what really matters to them. By living on a small stipend and focusing your wealth in relationships, support, and experiences, JVs learn to be more aware and to live in solidarity with those they serve.  

Use of Technology

  • All JVs are asked to consider the effect that bringing a cell phone, laptop, or other personal technology may have on their experience, both individually and in community. Many JVs choose to forgo a cell plan and not bring technological devices with them for the duration of their time in JVC.
  • Though most JVs have access to email and the Internet at work or through local libraries, it is not common for JV communities to have internet access at their houses. Friends and family are encouraged to be patient if communications aren’t as frequent or seamless as they were prior to JVC. 

Material Gifts

  • JVs may experience a shift in focus due to the emphasis on simple living. During the course of the program, a JV may decide not to accept material gifts from you during the holidays, or ask you to limit the regularity of care packages. These choices are not because your JV has stopped appreciating your generosity, but springs from a desire to delve deeper into this value.

Ways to Support Your JV in Living Simply

  • Send a hand-written letter.
  • If you send a care package, make sure it’s full of goodies that can be shared with the whole community.
  • As part of a simple lifestyle, JVC asks JVs to consider their relationship with the earth and its resources. Encourage your JV to reduce his or her carbon footprint by sharing any tips you have about gardening, biking, simple or meatless recipes, natural cleaning solutions, resusing household items, etc.
  • Make a donation to JVC to support your JV and others across the world.