Mariel Klein (Tucson 2013)
Mariel Klein (Tucson 2013)


Your commitment to the values of JVC didn’t end when your term of service did. Neither should your JVC experience.


Use this page to connect with thousands of Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) who have gone on to build a more just and hopeful world in their careers, families, and communities. You can also find opportunities to connect with JVC via alumni events, our monthly newsletter, and requests for volunteer engagement and support.


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Brooklyn Jesuit Volunteers (2017-18) browse through social media on their phones.


Find and interact with us and other members of the JVC community on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Our Former Jesuit Volunteer Google Group functions as an opt-in listserv available to all FJVs, regardless of current location or location of service. Whether you are looking for a strong hire at your organization or have an extra room open in your apartment, the FJV Google Group is a great place to start. Click here to learn more and join.

This Google Group is maintained by Jesuit Volunteer Corps as a service to connect Former Jesuit Volunteers around the world directly with one another.

In order to send a message to the listserv, send an email to former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs [at] 
To unsubscribe from the listserv, send an email to: former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs+unsubscribe [at]

How to post to the listserv:
Send your posting to former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs [at]

Requirements in signature line: 
- FJV’s full name (City and year of JV service)
- Email address

The purpose of the FJV listserv is to:
-Post information about JVC or FJV events, resources, and happenings. 
-Post opportunities relevant to FJVs’ personal and professional development, including: job opportunities, housing, graduate programs, volunteering/service trips, retreats, advocacy events for social justice causes, spirituality nights, community reunions and nonprofit resource sharing.

It is NOT the purpose of this listserv to:
1. Discuss or critique postings with the entire listserv. Responses should be directed back to the poster.
2. Support or oppose political candidates or ballot initiatives that could be construed as campaigning. This does not encompass advocacy for issues relevant to JVC.
3. Solicit financial contributions for organizations that do not have registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. This does not include donations of goods and services.

Misuse of the Listserv
Subscribers who misuse the listserv may be removed temporarily or blocked at the discretion of the list manager. Please report misuse activity to if you come across postings which are off-topic; repeated; harassing; use abusive language; or support or oppose a political candidacy or ballot initiative.

Consistent with these policies, JVC retains the right to suspend or remove offenders who misuse the listserv.  

Jesuit Volunteers and Former Jesuit Volunteers gathering for a dinner event. (2010)


Enthusiastic and dedicated FJVs have formed local FJV Chapters in 19 cities across the country. While each chapter has its own level and frequency of engagement, many plan social, spiritual, and service activities within their regions. Don’t see your city here?

Contact us at if you are interested in starting a chapter in your city.

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Washington, DC: Facebook; Email Group

Marie St. Ledger and a JVC community member at a dinner event. (2010)


Check out our Facebook page to find out about events open to our FJV community, including Solidarity on Tap, FJV and Jesuit alumni happy hours, locally organized FJV retreats, and much more!


We rely on enthusiastic and mission-driven FJVs to help support our volunteers in their cities of service. We will be posting opportunities for FJVs here as they come up. 

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    Country Coordinator

    Serving as a part time employee of JVC the Country Coordinator (CC) is responsible for facilitating the JVC experience in a community. Namely our volunteer serving in the following countries: Tanzania, Chile, Peru, and Belize. The CC will assist each assigned volunteer to uphold the covenant and provide support to strengthen the development of JVC values. The CC also plays a role in cultivating the development to the Local Support Team (LST) and supporting the agencies where the volunteers work.