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  1. Connect directly with former volunteers via our Google Group (email listserv)

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FJV Google Group 

Opt-in listserv for all FJVs to contact each other about job listings, apartment searches, networking opportunities, and to request and provide other forms of advice or assistance. To gain access to the Google Group, or to learn more about community guidelines for posting see below.

The official address of the group is the following:!forum/former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs

What are the posting guidelines

The purpose of the FJV listserv is to:

· Post information about JVC or FJV events, resources, and happenings.

· Post opportunities relevant to FJVs’ personal and professional development, including: job opportunities, housing, graduate programs, volunteering/service trips, retreats, advocacy events for social justice causes, spirituality nights, community reunions and nonprofit resource sharing


It is NOT the purpose of this listserv to:

1. Discuss or critique postings with the entire listserv. Responses should be directed back to the poster.

2. Support or oppose political candidates or ballot initiatives that could be construed as campaigning. This does not encompass advocacy for issues relevant to JVC.

3. Solicit financial contributions for organizations that do not have registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. This does not include donations of goods and services.


Misuse of the Listserv:

Subscribers who misuse the listserv may be removed temporarily or blocked at the discretion of the list manager.

Please report misuse activity to if you come across postings which are off-topic; repeated; harassing; use abusive language; or support or oppose a political candidacy or ballot initiative.


How to post to the listserv:

Send your posting to former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs [at]

Requirements in signature line:

– FJV’s full name

– City and year of JV service

– Email address


Consistent with these policies, JVC retains the right to suspend or remove offenders who misuse the listserv.

How do I subscribe?

In order to send a message to the listserv, send an email to former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs [at]

How to post to the listserv:

Send your posting to former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs [at]

Requirements in signature line:

– FJV’s full name

– City and year of JV service

– Email address

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe from the listserv, send an email to: former-jesuit-volunteers-fjvs+unsubscribe [at]


Local Chapters

FJV Chapters are forming in many cities across the country. Lead by local FJVs with support from JVC, local chapters plan social, spiritual, and service activities and welcome the incoming Jesuit Volunteer community each year.

Connect with JVs in your region:

Contact JVC at if you are interested in connecting with
an existing chapter or starting a new one in your city.

Graduate School Opportunities for Former Volunteers

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is committed to the ongoing formation of its volunteers and alumni. We have partnered with the following institutions to reduce financial barriers to those seeking a graduate degree. This list will continue to be updated as we pursue additional partnerships across all fields of study.

For information on other graduate-level opportunities and incentives targeted toward volunteer alumni, please visit the Catholic Volunteer Network’s website. If you would like to let us know about other opportunities or initiate a partnership, please contact Mike Reddy at

 To download this list click here.


Loyola University Chicago

The Magis Program

Full-tuition scholarship for FJVs to earn a Master of Social Work, Pastoral Studies, Divinity, Social Justice, or Spirituality


Marquette University
The Trinity Fellows Program

Full-tuition scholarship for FJVs to earn a Master of Business Administration, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Communication, Corporate Communication, Economics, Educational Policy and Foundations, English, History, Human Resources, International Affairs, Social and Applied Philosophy, Political Science, Public Service, Spanish, or Theology


DePaul University
Oznam Scholarship

 Full-tuition scholarship for FJVs to earn any Master’s degree


Fordham University
The Arrupe Fellowship

 Full-tuition scholarship for FJVs to earn a Master of International Political Economy and Development


Carnegie Mellon University
Heinz College School of Public Policy

$6,000 scholarship for FJVs to study graduate-level Information Systems or Public Policy


Santa Clara University
Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries

25% tuition discount for FJVs to earn an M.A. in Pastoral Ministries


Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary
Graduate School

50% tuition discount for FJVs to earn a Master of Theological Studies, Master of Divinity, M.A. in Ministry, M.A. in liturgical music, or Master of Theology


Georgetown University
School of Continuing Studies

15% tuition discount for FJVs in any Master of Professional Studies, Executive Master of Professional Studies, and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies programs


Catholic University of America
Graduate Program in Integral Economic Development

Partial tuition discount for FJVs to earn an MA in Integral Economic Development Management or Policy


University of St. Thomas
School of Law Dean’s Service Scholarship

 20% renewable three-year scholarship for FJVs to earn a J.D.


Canisius College
Graduate School

 20% tuition discount for FJVs to earn any graduate degree