Brooke Silvas, Laura Strubeck, Maria Gaughan
Brooke Silvas, Laura Strubeck, Maria Gaughan


JVC staff works tirelessly to support our mission of building a more just and hopeful world. Whether supporting our volunteers on the ground, fundraising to keep agency costs as low as possible, or recruiting the next generation of young leaders, our staff keeps JVC’s core values of spirituality, community, simple living, and social justice at the forefront of our work.  

† Former Jesuit Volunteer 
* Jesuit Educated

Jesuit Volunteer Corps is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. Please check the JVC News section of our website for information on our latest precautionary measures we have taken as an organization. As of March 16, all JVC staff is working remotely, we apologize for any delays in communication at this time.


Tom Chabolla JVC President staff headshot

Tom Chabolla *


As president, Tom is responsible for setting and implementing the goals and direction of the organization. He is a longtime fan of JVC, with plenty of friends and family having served as Jesuit Volunteers. He and his wife Carolyn are proud former support people for the Santa Monica house in the 1980's.
Anissa Rose, Human Resources Manager

Anissa Rose

Human Resources Manager

Anissa is responsible for managing the human resources department including benefits administration, staff recruiting, payroll and policies. Previously, Anissa worked within a large Christian school and appreciates the value of service focused missions. After setting the intention of finding a new way to work towards creating a world of goodness, Anissa found JVC!

Brian Vallimont †*

Director of Finance and Administration

Brian is focused on keeping internal processes running smoothly and effectively. Following his year as a JV in Sacramento, CA (2002-03), Brian worked in the engineering field before transitioning careers to nonprofit management. He worked for a few Boston-area nonprofit organizations in similar roles before joining the JVC.
Karen Griffin, director of development (2019)

Karen Griffin

Director of Development

With 20 years of fundraising experience, Karen oversees the fundraising efforts at JVC including donor cultivation, annual appeals, grant preparation, and the Send Me to Serve campaign. As a former employee of a nonprofit who had Jesuit Volunteers, Karen knows the value and capacity building impact of the JVC experience for our partner agencies.
Laura Strubeck, FJV and regional manager on JVC staff

Laura Strubeck †*

Director of Programs

Laura is responsible for providing strategic and operational oversight for the formation and service program. She served two years as a JV during the 2008-2010 program years. In her first year, Laura served at Sarah House, a hospital hospitality house in Syracuse, NY followed by her additional year with San Diego Youth Services in San Diego, CA.
ICC Maria Gaughan (Raleigh 2004-05)

Maria Gaughan †

Director of FJV Engagement, Partnerships and Outreach

Maria is responsible for providing strategic oversight of recruitment efforts for prospective JVs, as well as managing programmatic efforts and cultivating relationships with Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs) and other institutional partnerships. Maria served as a JV in 2004-05 in Raleigh, NC at Urban Ministries of Wake County where she worked at a homeless shelter for women and the Crisis Intervention Program.
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Dr. Shana Jones

Shana Jones

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Shana is responsible for leading JVC in designing, implementing and evaluating work to embed and promote equitable systems change in policies, practices, resource flows, relationships and connections, power dynamics and mental models in all aspects of JVC.


Wendell Smith

Senior Accountant

Wendell is responsible for managing the financial activities of JVC and making sure that we effectively and efficiently serve all our constituencies – staff, agencies, volunteers, and supporters.

Bri Giarratano

Staff Accountant

Bri is responsible for general finance tasks, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting support, and troubleshooting for volunteer and staff financial questions and concerns. She is proud to be a part of an organization with such a powerful and meaningful mission.

Rob Roa *

Recruitment Manager

Rob Roa is the Recruitment Manager and the West Regional Recruiter. With the Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation and a Jesuit education, Rob worked for one year with rural sustenance farmers in Tacloban, Philippines to support and develop an innovative, sustainable, and cooperative agribusiness model. Now, he looks forward to guiding and supporting others young leaders committed to seeing their faith in action.

Anna Herrmann †


Anna is responsible for recruitment efforts in the central region, based out of Cleveland, OH. She served as a JV in 2018-19 with Urban Neighborhood Initiatives in Detroit, MI. She loves hearing about the values and experiences that draw young people to JVC and accompanying them in their discernment process!

Courtney Romans †*


Courtney graduated from Fordham University Lincoln Center in NYC with a B.S in Psychology in 2017 and served as JV in Nashville 2017-2018 at Room in the Inn, a center for individuals experiencing homelessness​​. Later Courtney attended Fordham Graduate School of Social Service after JVC and graduated with a Masters of Social Work in May 2020​.
Carter White (San Diego 2017-18)

Carter White †*

FJV Engagement Coordinator

Carter is responsible for supporting our community of Former Jesuit Volunteers (FJVs), building relationships and developing partnerships to provide ongoing resources to alumni of the program. In 2017-18, Carter served as a JV in San Diego at Academy of Our Lady of Peace, working on their campus ministry team.
Shivany Trujillo SLU alumni and JVC admissions manager

Shivany Trujillo *

Senior Manager of Admissions

Shivany leads the charge on helping prospective Jesuit Volunteers and partner agencies navigate the admissions process. Starting at the completion of the application form and all the way through to an agency partner match with a Jesuit Volunteer.
JVC Regional Coordinator Chris Bargeron

Chris Bargeron

Admissions Coordinator

As an Admissions Coordinator, Chris supports the screening and placement process for all incoming Jesuit Volunteers and agencies. He is also responsible for providing formational support to the volunteers placed in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Chris served in a similar program to JVC, Dominican Volunteers USA for two years prior to joining on JVC staff. In his first year, he served at Heartland Alliance, a refugee resettlement agency in Chicago, IL, teaching English to newly arrived refugees. In his second year, he served in Catholic Charities Atlanta Refugee Resettlement as an employment specialist.
Nicole Antonacci (San Diego 2019-20)

Nicole Antonacci †

Admissions Coordinator

Nicole is responsible for the daily coordination of admissions correspondence with prospective Jesuit Volunteers and agency partners. Before joining JVC, Nicole was a photojournalist for the San Diego Union–Tribune's Social Justice Reporting Project. Prior to that, she served as a JV at Outside the Lens in San Diego, CA (2019-20).
Dominique Troy, manager of strategic communications and FJV.

Dominique Troy †*

Senior Strategic Communications Manager

Dominique carries out the external communications and marketing strategy at JVC with attention to its many stakeholders. In 2014-15, she served as a JV at My Friend’s Place in Los Angeles, CA.
Bryn Weber Headshot

Bryn Weber

Development Associate

Bryn is responsible for assisting the Director of Development in all fundraising efforts at JVC including constituent database management, appeals, grant preparation, and the Send Me to Serve campaign. She graduated undergrad with her degree in nonprofit management and recently completed her master's in Grant Writing to become a more effective fundraiser.
Will Poling international program manager and staff.

William Poling

International Program Manager

William oversees formation and support structures for volunteers serving within nine communities across the Eastern United States. He enthusiastically joins the East Area while managing JVC's International Program, paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having worked in a variety of fields, from international non-profits to public schools in the U.S., William seeks to draw from such experiences in fostering relationships and offering perspective to volunteers and the stakeholders that surround them.
Brooke Silvas, JVC staff and program coordinator headshot

Brooke Silvas

Program Coordinator (International)

Brooke is responsible for contributing to the formation, support and overall experience of the International Program. She previously served as a volunteer with Rostro de Cristo in Guayaquil, Ecuador from 2016-2017. Brooke has been on JVC Staff for two years and lives in San Diego, CA, where she also serves as a part-time Resident Minister at her alma mater, the University of San Diego.
Program Operations Coordinator Pam Donohue

Pam Donohue

Program Operations Coordinator

Pam supports the JVs who simultaneously take part in AmeriCorps from enrollment through exit. She also assists with the Board of Directors and provides miscellaneous support for the Program Team's operations. Not a former Jesuit Volunteer herself, she does have FJV envy.

Katie Dorner †*

Area Manager

As the North Central Area Manager, Katie supports the Jesuit Volunteers in Chicago, Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Cleveland, and Nashville. She accompanies JVs as they live out the four values, facilitates their retreats, and connects with agency partners. Katie served as a JV at Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles 2013-2014.
Regional Coordinator Ben DeGarmo

Ben DeGarmo

Area Manager

Ben is responsible for overseeing the JVC program in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, and New Orleans. With these cities he works to accompany the JVs through their transformative year by providing program content specific to their cities and working with the Agency Partners there. Ben has been with JVC since 2015, previously working with D.A. Blodgett - St. John's Home, a residential treatment campus, in Grand Rapids, MI. Ben is based out of Detroit, MI.

Alec Hartman †*

Area Manager

Alec is responsible for offering oversight and support to volunteers in the South West region. Alec is an FJV having served in Nashville in the 2016-2017 program year. Upon completing his Master of Divinity program at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, he moved back to his hometown of San Diego, CA to begin his role as Area Manager.
FJV Patrick Washington and JVC staff regional coordinator

Pat Washington †*

Area Manager

Pat is responsible for building relationships, accompanying volunteers, and helping run the formation and service program in Northern California. He served was a JV in Bridgeport, CT during the 2015-16 program year where he served at the Cardinal Shehan Center. He joined JVC as staff after his year in Bridgeport and has been on staff ever since.
ICC Diane Dragoo

Dianne Dragoo

Albuquerque In-City Coordinator

Dianne Dragoo is the In-City Coordinator for Albuquerque. She and her husband became the support team for Casa Carlo Carretto in 2013 and Dianne joined the JVC staff as an ICC in 2017.

Lauren Kalbfell *

Austin In-City Coordinator

Rachel Mahlik †

Kansas City In-City Coordinator

Rachel is responsible for supporting the JVs in Kansas City. She served a year in New Orleans 1996-97 as a music teacher and preschool teacher. She and her husband served in Managua, Nicaragua with the JVC 2001-03. Rachel taught 5th & 6th Grade and Adult Literacy, and her husband, Marvin, served children with disabilities at Pajarito Azul. Rachel is also a Middle School religion teacher and tries hard to still live the JVC values every day.
Cathy Seymour (Belize) In-City Coordinator at JVC

Cathy Seymour †*

Scranton In-City Coordinator

Cathy serves as the In-City Coordinator for Scranton. She was part of the local support team for the Scranton JV community from 2011-2017. She is an FJV who served as a pastoral assistant at St. Martin de Porres parish in Belize City, Belize, from 1990-1992.

Beth Scanlon †

Syracuse In-City Coordinator

Beth accompanies the Syracuse Community as the In City Coordinator. She served for two years as a JV at Hubbard Outreach in Webster, MA during 1978-1980 program years. She was a staff member of JVC: East from 1980-1985 and a support person for the Syracuse community from 1990-2017.


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is governed by a board of directors deeply committed to the mission, values, sustainability, and impact of JVC.  Every member of the board has had their life positively affected by JVC, whether through their own service or the service of friends and family.  Board members bring a wealth of experience as leaders in the corporate, non-profit, and Jesuit worlds that shapes their support of JVC’s mission.

Joan Hogan Gillman *


Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ*


John Carron †*


Abe Grindle †*


Marty Rodgers


Ann Greiner †

Development Chair

Nancy Johansen †*


Colleen Magnus †*


Joseph McKellar †


Ted Penton, SJ †


Bridget Perry †*


Denise Bennett-Walls †*


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