Become a JV

As an organization committed to advancing racial equity and inclusion, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps encourages applications from candidates of all races, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, languages, and physical abilities.  


Applicants must be between the ages of 21-25 by August 2024 in order to be eligible for the 2024-25 program year


True to our Jesuit, Catholic heritage, JVC firmly believes that all spiritual perspectives contribute to the richness of our community. Applicants from all religious traditions and spiritual backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


Application Deadlines for the 2024-25 Program Year*


Round 1 Deadline: December 4th, 2023 at 11:59pm ET  

Round 2 Deadline: February 5th, 2024 at 11:59pm ET 

Round 3 Deadline: April 2nd, 2024 at 11:59pm ET   

Round 4 Deadline: May 20th, 2024 at 11:59pm ET (limited placement opportunities)


Current Jesuit Volunteers interested in becoming Additional Year (AY) volunteers can start applying in October 2023. AYs will need to apply by January 1st, 2024 to be considered for placements at all of our domestic partner agencies. AY applications received after this date will be considered for the application and matching round in which it was received and will be considered for remaining placements. 


You can always speak with a recruiter or receive updates byclicking hereand completing our interest form! 


*Deadlines are subject to change 


Below is a breakdown of our 9-stage application process, supplemented by FAQs. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but rest assured that we are thorough because we care so much!


Our process is designed to ensure that applicants receive the best possible placement offer for their interests. If you have any questions about our stages or the application itself, contact the Admissions Team.

Stage 1: Create an Account and Apply

Here, you’ll create an account with us, complete an application, and watch an introductory webinar. The Admissions Team will critically review your application to determine if you are eligible for a First Interview. Those moving forward will be notified via email by JVC Staff or a Former Jesuit Volunteer (FJV) within weeks of submitting their application. Click here to create an account and begin your application.  

When should I apply?

As early as possible! Though we accept applications during 4 different rounds (deadlines listed above), we highly encourage folks to apply by December 4th for priority consideration among our domestic placements. Limited placements are available after this deadline. All application materials must be submitted by May 20th, 2024 (at the latest!) to be considered for the 2024-25 program year. 

How long will it take to complete the application?

Our application may take you a few days to complete. We recommend setting aside ample time for this and notifying references in advance to speed up the process. 

What will I be asked for while completing the application?

(1) General information about your background and education  

(2) Resume detailing your work-life experience, competencies, and skills  

(3) Personal statement and brief autobiography to showcase your passion for our mission. 

(4) Short answer responses to help us gauge your understanding of our four core values.  

(5) Recommendation forms from three individuals: (1) someone who has supervised you in an academic, professional, or organized extracurricular setting; (2) someone who can speak to your commitment to JVC’s broader mission and values (e.g., a faith leader, campus minister, service project leader); and (3) someone you have lived with as a roommate, excluding family members. Note that your application is not complete until all references have submitted their recommendation forms.

Does JVC offer financial assistance?

The RJV Hurley Fund provides financial support for incoming Jesuit Volunteers for whom financial realities would prohibit a year or two of postgraduate service. It provides awards of up to $3,000 each to a limited number of incoming JVs to mitigate costs associated with travel, health and accessibility, immigration status, and transitions into graduate school or life post-service.  

To be considered for the RJV Hurley Fund, your application, including uploading supplemental materials, must be completed in full prior to moving to the next stage in the admissions process. Award announcements will be made alongside final placement offers on a first come, first serve basis.  

Click here for more information regarding financial assistance.

What is the timeline for the entire 10 stage process?

Since this depends on which round you apply in, you’ll receive a general timeline upon submitting your application. You can count on the Admissions Team to send you frequent emails throughout the process to remind you of important dates and deadlines as they approach. For information regarding the timeline for placement offers, see Stage 8. 

Stage 2: First Interview

If you are invited to a First Interview, you’ll have the chance to tell us more about who you are and how you envision yourself serving. The purpose of this screening is to help us understand your motivation for applying to JVC, as well as your willingness to engage in community while being committed to our four values. Applicants who perform well in this stage will move on to Discernment. Others will be notified that they have been declined or placed on our waitlist.  

When will I know if I am invited to a First Interview?

Applicants who are invited to a First Interview will be notified within the first few weeks of submitting their application. 

How should I prepare for this?

We recommend coming into this interview with a strong handle on each of our four values (community, spirituality, simple living, and social justice), particularly how they each show up in your life now, and how you might engage with them during your JV year. Other things you may be asked about include your passions, growth areas, expectations for the program, and commitment to racial justice. The more concrete examples you bring to the table for these, the better. 

Click here for more advice on interview preparation.

What happens if I’m placed on the waitlist?

Applicants who are waitlisted may hear back from us in the Spring regarding their interest in available positions. We appreciate continued interest in JVC but do not expect anyone to refrain from pursuing other opportunities while on the waitlist. 


How to Prepare for Your JVC Interview

Stage 3: Discernment

If you advance beyond your First Interview, you’ll be invited into the discernment process to further explore the mission and values of JVC. Here, you'll review JVC's handbook, Covenant, and Volunteer FAQs. Each of these resources will help further clarify what committing to JVC would look like. You’ll also participate in a Discernment Call, where you’ll have the chance to connect with other applicants considering the program. This stage is largely informational, but you’ll leave with a better grasp on what to expect. 

In this stage, you'll also complete a series of tasks and surveys for Pre-Matching, to help us understand the type of work you are most interested in (case management, teaching, etc.) and the populations you would like to serve. Your responses will allow the Admissions Team to match you with positions that align with your passions and experiences.  

What happens during the Discernment Call?

The purpose of the Discernment Call is to help you discern if JVC is truly right for you. We’ll guide you through a meditation and offer a series of prompts to reflect on. You’ll also have a chance to dive deeper into the values with others who are in the same stage as you.  

Do I have to fully commit to JVC in order to move forward from here?

Nope! This stage requires completion, not full commitment - although we do hope that it helps you feel more connected to our mission! Applicants officially become Jesuit Volunteers if they accept a placement offer and sign our Program Agreement. The moment you fully commit to JVC is the moment you sign this Program Agreement. 

What type of positions are available?

With over 200 positions spanning 16 fields of service, odds are high that we have something you’d be a great fit for. Our service fields (also called “Apostolate Groups”) include categories like Healthcare, Education, Legal Services and Shelter & Transitional Housing, and many more. 

We look forward to learning more about your preferences and matching you with an agency that inspires you.  

Can I request a specific agency or geographic location?

We understand how important it is for our volunteers to serve in a location and type of service that matches their passions and priorities. If you are interested in a certain city or type of role, there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate your preferences; however, please know that this is not guaranteed. We try our best to take your preferences into account but encourage all applicants to enter the process with an openness to serving wherever there’s a need. We call this opennessapostolic availability and you’ll hear us refer to it often.


How to Prepare for Your JVC Discernment Conversation

Stage 4: Agency Matching

Based on your responses in the Pre-Matching surveys, you will receive a short list of positions that the Admissions Team feels you could be a great fit for. This is when you tell us your top choices for a chance to interview with them.  

What type of positions are available?

With over 200 positions spanning 16 fields of service, odds are high that we have something you’d be a great fit for. Our service fields (also called “Apostolate Groups”) include categories like Healthcare, Education, Legal Services and Shelter & Transitional Housing, and many more. 

We look forward to learning more about your preferences and matching you with an agency that inspires you.  

Can I request a specific agency or geographic location?

We understand how important it is for our volunteers to serve in a location and type of service that matches their passions and priorities. If you are interested in a certain city or type of role, there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate your preferences; however, please know that this is not guaranteed. We try our best to take your preferences into account but encourage all applicants to enter the process with an openness to serving wherever there’s a need. We call this opennessapostolic availability and you’ll hear us refer to it often.

Are my matches determined by an algorithm?

Nope! Real people who REALLY care about accompanying you on this journey will be making these decisions. The Admissions team knows our agency partners like the back of their hands and will use this knowledge to pair you with positions that hopefully inspire you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Admissions team if you have questions!

How many positions will I be matched with?

If you’re applying to our 1-Year Domestic Program, you’ll receive anywhere between 5-8 position options to consider. Those who apply after our first and second deadlines may receive fewer placement options.  

Will I be able to interview with all my top choices?

It is highly likely that you will earn an interview with at least one of your top choices for an interview. We cannot guarantee an interview with all of them because agency interviews are granted based on interviewer capacity (Think: they will be interviewing other applicants who were matched with them as well).  

Stage 5: Agency Interviews

Once you’ve told us your top choices, the Admissions Team will confirm which agencies you’ll be interviewing with. It is your responsibility to prepare for these, so be sure to do your research! You will have approximately 2 weeks to complete all interviews in this stage. 

How are Agency Interviews scheduled?

Within 2 weeks of receiving confirmation, your agency interviewer(s) will reach out to you directly to coordinate your interview. We highly encourage responsiveness and flexibility, as if you were communicating with any other job recruiter. Make sure to check your spam/junk folders in this stage, as emails from agencies often land in there.  

Are interviews conducted in-person or virtually?

All interviews are conducted virtually, either by video or over the phone. The agency interviewer who contacts you will clarify this and may offer additional materials to aid in your preparation.  

How many interviews can I expect to have?

Applicants who apply by the first deadline can expect to receive anywhere between 2-4 interviews with different agencies. Those who do not apply by the first deadline may receive fewer placement matches, and thus have fewer interviews. 


How to Prepare for Agency Interviews

Stage 6: Interview Feedback

Once you've completed your interviews, you'll be prompted by our portal to submit feedback for each agency that you interviewed with. The Admissions Team will use this feedback to determine which agency to match you with.  

How will the Admissions Team use my feedback to match me?

As you submit feedback for every agency you interview with, each of those will be doing the same for you! Ultimately, final matches are made based on mutually strong feedback from both the applicant and the agency. This means that both you and the agency must rank each other highly for a placement offer to be possible. 

How is feedback submitted?

We use a “Yes, No, Likely” system to understand your willingness to serve at each agency. You’ll be asked to share whether you’d accept a placement offer from each agency if it was on the table, to which you would respond “Yes, No, or Likely.”  There will also be a free-text space for you to elaborate on your responses, and the Admissions Team will rely on this heavily.   

Stage 7: Placement Offers

Applicants who receive placement offers will have 4 days to accept. This may not seem like a lot of time, but our expectation is that you have been discerning JVC since the beginning of our process. If you choose to accept, you will sign a contractual program agreement that fully commits you to JVC. At this point, you officially become a Jesuit Volunteer!

Are placement offers guaranteed?

Most applicants who make it to this stage will receive a placement offer, although this is not guaranteed. This is because matches are made based on mutually strong feedback, and agencies are interviewing more than 1 applicant for each of their roles (sometimes anywhere from 5-10). So, while you can have a fantastic interview, you are also competing with other strong applicants. 

What if I’m not happy with my offer?

Those who are unsatisfied with their offers can choose to either reject it and withdraw or be re-matched with a new batch of agencies in the next round.   

What if I’m still considering another option when I receive a placement offer?

We recognize and respect that you may have been applying to other things throughout our application process. Should you choose to accept a placement offer and sign our Program Agreement, our expectation is that you will no longer pursue other opportunities for the 2024-25 term. Your contractual commitment will be shared with your agency immediately upon your acceptance.  

When are placement offers typically made?

This depends on which round you participate in. Round 1 placement offers are made in early March, Round 2 offers are made in late May, and Round 3 offers are made in mid-July. Specific dates are communicated via email by the Admissions Team.  

What happens once I accept a placement offer?

Upon signing our contractual program agreement, we kindly ask that you remove yourself from all other admissions and hiring processes. This is because your agency will be notified of your acceptance and officially removed from our matching process. They will be counting on you from here on out to uphold your commitment to them, so it is important that you do!  


How to Discern Your Placement Offer

Stage 8: Onboarding

To begin the Onboarding process, you'll complete a series of housekeeping tasks and learn more about what the year will look like. Best of all, you'll finally get to meet your future housemates and see the community you'll be living in!

When will I know exactly where I’ll be living?

Your new Area Manager will reach out to you towards the end of June to schedule your first Community Call. This is when you’ll first be introduced to your casa-mates and receive more information regarding travel and Orientation.  

Who can I speak to with questions regarding my placement?

At this point, you are welcome to contact your new supervisor directly for all things agency-related. For questions regarding travel and your new JV community, your Area Manager will be there.    

What are the JV houses like?

Our JV houses are spread across the county and are well-known for their uniqueness and character. Many of them have been passed down for generations and are filled with memories/personal touches of previous cohorts. Did you know that each house is named after a patron saint or prominent person in the realm of social justice?  

When will I know the address of my new house?

Your Area Manager will share this at the end of June during your Community Call. Since you will be arriving shortly after the last cohort leaves, we cannot share it before this time for privacy and safety reasons. If you’d like to know the general vicinity, we’re happy to provide the address of a landmark nearby so that you can explore your new neighborhood in Google Maps!  

Stage 9: Orientation & Arrival 

After Orientation, you and your community mates will travel to your new city in the beginning of August 2024. You will have time to unpack and explore your neighborhood within the first few days of arrival. From here on out, your Area Manager will be your guide for all of your placement related questions. Get ready for a year of transformation! 

Where and when will Orientation be?

We are still monitoring the status of COVID-19 and determining if an in-person Orientation will be possible. Regardless, we recommend that you avoid scheduling anything between August 1st and 20th to minimize potential conflicts. You can expect these dates and times to be finalized by Spring of 2024.  

I’m taking the LSAT/MCAT in July/August. Will it conflict with anything?

We recognize that applicants who are studying for their MCAT/LSAT etc. may need to schedule exams around this time. It is critical that you attend the entirety of Orientation, so if this applies to you, you should plan to schedule your exam before August 1st

Will JVC cover transportation costs to Orientation and my city of service?

If Orientation is held in person, Jesuit Volunteers are responsible for the cost of travel to Orientation. JVC will cover all costs of travel from Orientation to each volunteer’s city of service. If orientation is held virtually, Jesuit Volunteers are responsible for the cost of travel directly to their city of service.

Will I have to do any fundraising?

Applicants who accept placement offers and become Jesuit Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the Send Me to Serve (SMTS) fundraising campaign before their program year begins. Participation in this fundraiser is a great way to invite family and friends to show their support for JVC, though raising funds for SMTS is not a requirement for volunteers to start their program year.


The JVC formation program gives current Jesuit Volunteers and JVC Northwest Volunteers the opportunity to continue living in community while working for peace and justice. By serving another one or two years as a JV,  Additional Year (AY) participants delve deeper into the four values and further discern how to pursue justice in their future careers and communities.


Those interested in becoming AY volunteers will need to apply by January 1st, 2024 to be considered for placements at all of our domestic partner agencies. AY applications received after this date will be due by our Round 2 deadline and prioritized for remaining placements.


Applying for an additional term

Application Contents: You will need to submit an AY-specific application. This will include submitting short essays, as well as five new references: agency administrator or supervisor, two community members, a support person/local formation team member, and your JVC or JVC Northwest coordinator..

Creating a new application: Create a new application at From there, you will be directed to an eligibility quiz. Please answer the following questions accordingly:

“Have you completed, or are you in the process of completing, another faith-based service year program?” Please select “Yes,” and select “Jesuit Volunteer Corps” or “Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest”

Based on this answer, you will be directed to the application for Additional Year volunteers. Please continue with the remainder of the application.

Your Area Manager's Role in the Process

As the JVC staff member who has had the most interaction with you, your Area Manager plays an important role.

You are required to have a discernment conversation with your JVC Area Manager before applying for your additional year. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and to share your motivations for an Additional Year, as well as to identify areas of growth. You will also be required to have your JVC Area Manager complete a reference form. Your JVC Area Manager's input is significant, but not the only factor in determining your status as an AY.

Jesuit Volunteer Community

It may be possible to remain in your community but switch placement sites. We ask AY applicants to practice apostolic availability and to consider the needs of our agency partners during the selection and placement process.

As a Jesuit Volunteer, you are expected to complete your year of service according to the dates in the program agreement. JVs who commit to an additional year will work with their agency supervisor and JVC manager/coordinator to determine the appropriate transition to the next program year and ensure you are both prepared and present for Orientation.

International Program Update

In March 2020, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps suspended its 2-year International Program due to COVID-19. We continue to communicate with our international Jesuit and Agency Partners, while monitoring and assessing responses to the global pandemic, including travel restrictions.


At this time, JVC does not have sufficient information to determine when we will resume international placements. Therefore, we are not currently accepting applications to our International Program. All applicants must proceed with the 1-year (domestic placement) process. 


Should information become available that allows us to open our International Program application, we will notify any applicants remaining in our admissions process, as well as the larger public. 



3 Things to Know Before Applying to JVC

Meet the Admissions Team

Shivany Trujillo *

Director of Admissions

Shivany serves as the Director of Admissions at JVC, helping prospective volunteers and agencies navigate the admissions process from completing the application to an agency being matched with a Jesuit Volunteer. Prior to joining JVC, Shivany worked in Higher Education, specifically Housing and Residence Life. Shivany is a graduate of Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Urban Affairs and Political Science. She also holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, with a concentration in Non-profit Management. Outside of work, Shivany spends most of her time with her husband and daughter. In her free time, Shivany enjoys crafting and sewing, reading, travelling, and listening to podcasts.

Chris Bargeron

Admissions Manager

As an Admissions Manager, Chris supports the screening and placement process for all incoming Jesuit Volunteers and agencies. He is also responsible for providing formational support to the volunteers placed in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Chris served in a similar program to JVC, Dominican Volunteers USA for two years prior to joining on JVC staff. In his first year, he served at Heartland Alliance, a refugee resettlement agency in Chicago, IL, teaching English to newly arrived refugees. In his second year, he served in Catholic Charities Atlanta Refugee Resettlement as an employment specialist.