How to Prepare for Your JVC Interview

After completing your application, you will be invited to interview with a former Jesuit Volunteer or member of the JVC Admissions Team. We recommend you come to this interview prepared to discuss your motivation for joining JVC, as well as the skills and experiences that make you a great candidate.

Previous applicants have found the following helpful:

1. Practice talking about JVC with a close friend

Grab coffee with a friend who might not know about JVC. Try explaining to them why you would like to do vital service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. When they ask questions about the program, it may reveal some questions you still have about your level of familiarity or interest, and the types of questions you should bring to your interview.

2. Talk to a recruiter
Discuss any remaining questions or concerns with a JVC recruiter so you are well-prepared and informed. Feel free to ask them more about the volunteer experience: it will help you explain to your interviewer how you think you’d incorporate the four values into your time as a Jesuit Volunteer.

3. Read over your application…again
Look over and review your application materials. Think through your primary motivations for wanting to do JVC, about your commitment to justice, and your readiness to live in an intentional community. Have any of your responses to the application questions shifted in the last few days or weeks?

4.Read about us
Look around the website, read some blog posts, and follow us on social media to gain a better understanding of what the values and mission of JVC look like in action.