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  • Hangil Ryu - JVC

    Hangil Ryu is the Engagement and Outreach Coordinator working as the Central Regional Recruiter. While he lives in Atlanta, as a former Jesuit Volunteer, he worked at All Saints Parish in Syracuse, New York as a Case Manager and Youth Minister, serving members of the Congolese refugee community as well as restarting the 9th-12th grade Confirmation class. Hangil is a graduate of Brandeis University, where he studied Philosophy. JVC helped him better understand how to cultivate intentional community through deep and authentic relationships, and he hopes that he can help guide others to have formative JVC experiences as well. If you live in the central US or in the South and want to learn more about JVC, tap the link below to schedule a chat!

  • Bronwyn Gilman - JVC

    "I'm a desert dweller at heart, grew up in Arizona, and I'm still trying to make peace with the heat. But hey, it's all part of the adventure!


    I proudly went to Grand Canyon University (Go Lopes!), and my journey led me to spend a year in Cleveland, OH, where I wore multiple hats as an employment specialist and assistant art director.


     I'm a chess aficionado, board game enthusiast, and a whiz in the kitchen. If you're ever up for a game or need a recipe recommendation, count me in!


    Oh, and did I mention I have a 140 lb dog who's basically Eeyore in dog form? His name is Forrest"

  • Connor Feliu - JVC Northwest

    I grew up in Central New York, a part of the state that was once called the burned-over district because so many religious revivalisms happened there in the 1800s. It’s no wonder when it became time to go to college I majored in religious studies and philosophy at Le Moyne College. My time at Le Moyne made me passionate about Ignatian spirituality, and particularly interested in liberation theology. I continued my studies, earning my master’s in religious studies from Syracuse University. After deciding to take a break from academia I found myself called to live a life of service, which I did with JVC Northwest in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland I served as an Activities and Events Coordinator at the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon HIV Day Center.

    I felt so passionate about JVC Northwest that upon the completion of my year I switched to the official payroll and now get the pleasure of traveling the country sharing the good word of JVC Northwest as a campus recruiter. So, if you’re interested in applying to JVC Northwest, or even just curious about what the experience was like, send me a message. I would love to talk with you more.

  • Erin Grimes - JVC Northwest

    I grew up in Northwest Indiana, which is east of Chicago and right below Lake Michigan, in a close-knit family of six. I attended Saint Mary’s College Indiana (Go Belles!) for four years earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Humanistic Studies. When I wasn’t in class, I spent most of my time at any and all Campus Ministry events (so much so that the staff would joke that even if no one else came to an event they knew at least I would be there.)

    Unsure of my direction post college, I applied to several different service programs seeking the structure such programs provide. After a lengthy and sometimes stressful process, I landed with JVC Northwest and served in Saint Xavier, MT as an Academic Support Person at Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy from ’21-23. I went into the year with high hopes and the experience of community and service managed to exceed even my wildest dreams. Through both individual and communal discernment, I and my three other community mates decided to all commit to do an additional year (AY) together. I cannot fully put into words how much my two years in St. X means to me. I learned so much about myself through the experience of being in community from my community mates, the students and staff of Pretty Eagle, and the other Big Sky JVs.

    In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, reading (I have to make my Goodreads goal!), visiting Lake Michigan (which does count as a beach), taking long walks either with a friend or a podcast, and doing my best to enjoy the gift that is each and every new day.

  • Rob Roa - Director of Recruitment

    Rob Roa is Director of Recruitment. With the Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation and a Jesuit education, Rob worked for one year with rural sustenance farmers in Tacloban, Philippines to support and develop an innovative, sustainable, and cooperative agribusiness model. Now, he looks forward to guiding and supporting others young people putting their faith into action. Feel free to book a call with him!


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Nico Moore and Taylor Caron - Casa Martin Luther King Jr., San Francisco, CA embrace in a sign of peace at commissioning mass. (2017)