Jesuit Volunteer celebrating meeting their JV community at Orientation. (2018)
Jesuit Volunteer celebrating meeting their JV community at Orientation. (2018)


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Relationship-building is at the core of JVC Formation. You can begin that formation journey by scheduling a short phone call with JVC staff and starting your application. We do our best to answer your questions and above all, discern your next steps with you. 

  • Rob Roa

    Rob Roa is Director of Recruitment. With the Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation and a Jesuit education, Rob worked for one year with rural sustenance farmers in Tacloban, Philippines to support and develop an innovative, sustainable, and cooperative agribusiness model. Now, he looks forward to guiding and supporting others young people putting their faith into action. Feel free to book a call with him!

  • Courtney Romans

    Courtney Romans is the Engagement and Outreach Coordinator working as the East Regional Recruiter. Courtney is a former Jesuit Volunteer, who served in Nashville, Tennessee as Education Coordinator at Room in the Inn, providing educational, emotional, and resource support to individuals experiencing homelessness. Courtney is also Jesuit educated and is a double graduate of Fordham University, receiving her undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2017 and her Masters in Social Work in 2020. She is excited to be on JVC Staff, and help support and guide prospective volunteers determined to work towards a more just and hopeful world! If you live or attend school on the East Coast or the South East, and are interested in JVC, please schedule a phone call by clicking the link below!

  • Abby Guziewicz

    Abby Guziewicz is the Engagement and Outreach Coordinator working as the West Regional Recruiter. Abby is a former Jesuit Volunteer, who served in Los Angeles as a Career Counselor at Homeboy Industries, where she accompanied previously incarcerated individuals unveil their dreams, and work towards obtaining meaningful employment. With degrees in Psychology, Philosophy, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Scranton, Abby’s work, guided in part by Ignatian spirituality, allowed her to be intentional, both in word and action, and cultivate trust-based relationships during her JV year. She currently resides in San Diego, California and strives to provide an authentic perspective of the life of a Jesuit Volunteer. If you live on the Pacific Coast or the Mountain Region and are curious about JVC, schedule a call with Abby by tapping the link below!


We are going to you! As we virtually tour around the United States, join us to explore the JV experience, meet former volunteers (and potentially alums of your institution!), and begin the informative and discernment process. Aside from virtual career fairs and specific university presentations, JVC will be hosting a handful of online sessions just for you!


Hopefully, JVC events allow you to consider your place in the program: the intentional commitment to four values, the challenges and benefits of a service and formation program, and the effect of JVC on your personal, professional, and spiritual life. 

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Nico Moore and Taylor Caron - Casa Martin Luther King Jr., San Francisco, CA embrace in a sign of peace at commissioning mass. (2017)