Kinship graffiti in Los Angeles (2019).
Kinship graffiti in Los Angeles (2019).

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JVC Monthly Community Prayer

Join us for prayer each month! This time together is for centering, grounding and connecting to the purpose and values of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It is also an opportunity to build relationship with one another across time zones and JVC connections, and to bond with one another around our culture, which celebrates deep personal reflection and self-inquiry through prayer, meditation and Ignatian Spirituality.


Our upcoming prayer dates include: 




JVC Community Conversations are workshops or discussions led by like-minded presenters that address key topics of our time as they relate to our core values of spirituality, simple living, community, and social justice.

Please note: the entire ticket price is tax-deductible.

JVC Community Conversations: Queer Poetry and Catholic Mass

There has always been tension between the Catholic Church and queer communities. While many Catholics are quick to welcome queer individuals, the teachings of Catholic and Christian doctrines alike keep people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum from fully expressing themselves and their love. As a queer womxn of color and with Catholic origins and an inclusive spirituality, Emily sought to re-envision how Catholic ritual could share space with queerness. For over a year she researched and wrote both theory and poetry on the spiritual connection between queer poetry and Catholic Mass. 


Join us in exploring the question: "What do the Mass and queer poetry have to do with one another?" Our discussion will be followed by an invitation to reflect on Catholic tradition and spirituality as it relates to LGBTQ+ allyship. 


Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 12:00 ET/9 AM PT

Emily Win (she/her/hers), as an Enneagram 4, wears many hats in her life including teacher, writer, podcaster, caretaker, and poet. She recently earned her MA in Creative Writing and Critical Life from the University of Leeds in Leeds, England where she studied the function of poetry as a subversive mediator between spiritual and queer communities. She now teaches ESL in Los Angeles and attempts to keep up with the freelancing lifestyle. Her passion projects--including her podcast, Our Daily Beard--all explore intersections between queerness and spirituality.

She is most proud of her writing for Q26, a QPOC startup media organization, and an essay on queerness and purity culture set to be published in 2022 in the anthology I Feel Love: Essays on LGBTQ Joy

Emily served as a JV in Tucson, AZ in 2017-2018 at Reunion House, a teen crisis shelter. 


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Molly Kendall and Annika Perry bonding at Orientation. (2017)