Kinship graffiti in Los Angeles (2019).
Kinship graffiti in Los Angeles (2019).

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JVC Community Conversations are workshops or discussions led by like-minded presenters that address key topics of our time as they relate to our core values of spirituality, simple living, community, and social justice.

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JVC Community Conversations: Housing and Anti-Blackness

At the start of COVID-19, the shelter-in-place restrictions told people to stay at home. What did people do if they didn’t have a home to return to in the first place? And how are millennials suddenly able to afford to buy homes at the same time unemployment rates rise? What might be some of the long-term social justice implications of shifting communities? 


Join us for a conversation about the current state of the housing crisis led by FJV and Agency Partner Supervisor, Kharisma Goldston (Philadelphia 2015-16), the Director of Shelter at the Bethesda Project. Bethesda Project is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, housing, and supportive services to adults experiencing chronic homelessness in Philadelphia. We will explore the ways that housing insecurity has skyrocketed during the pandemic and how housing intersects with Anti-Blackness. We will end with dialogue and an opportunity to talk about how these issues show up in your local community too. We hope this JVC Community Conversation invites curiosity in the ways we think about our four values in the context of race, racialization, identity, and history. 


Tuesday, October 27 from 7:00-8:00 PM ET

JVC Monthly Community Prayer

Join us for prayer each month! This time together is for centering, grounding and connecting to the purpose and values of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It is also an opportunity to build relationship with one another across time zones and JVC connections, and to bond with one another around our culture, which celebrates deep personal reflection and self-inquiry through prayer, meditation and Ignatian Spirituality.

Nov 2, 2020 12:00 PM ET
Dec 7, 2020 12:00 PM ET


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Molly Kendall and Annika Perry bonding at Orientation. (2017)