Houston JVs 2019-20
Houston JVs 2019-20

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Sharing the Acronym "FJV" In the Workplace and Beyond

Ready to share your JVC experience with prospective employers, graduate school admissions counselors, and friends? Are you trying to find the right words to highlight your experience and articulate the skills you gained through different aspects of the program? How do you build a network of value-driven people when you're no longer eating four meals a week with your community?

Join the ‘Sharing the Acronym "FJV" In the Workplace and Beyond’ Webinar on 6/29 at 5:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT for insight from three Former Jesuit Volunteers who now work in career services, and walk away with tangible insights, even information about how to capture JVC on your resume! The presenters will include:

Joe DuPont (New Orleans 1986-87)
Associate Vice President of Career Services, Boston College

Sheila (Toomb) Pettigrew (San Antonio 2012-13)
Senior Assistant Director of Career Development, Canisius College

Sidney Richardson (Newark 2016-17)
Graduate Program Coordinator, Seattle University


6/29 at 5:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT


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Molly Kendall and Annika Perry bonding at Orientation. (2017)