Jesuit Volunteers laugh while seated at Orientation 2018 in Chicago.
Jesuit Volunteers laugh while seated at Orientation 2018 in Chicago.


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps gives young leaders the tools and resources they need to take on some of the world’s most difficult challenges. Our volunteers bring a dedication to the cause of justice and the courage to transform themselves and the communities they serve. We help them discover how to put this passion to work for life.

Taiga Guterres serving in Belize as a Jesuit Volunteer in 2016


Jesuit Volunteers serve an average of 40 hours per week in direct service roles, including as case managers, outreach workers, community organizers, housing and employment specialists, and campus ministers.

Volunteers live in intentional communities with other volunteers, sharing the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and finances. They often become active in their local neighborhoods, learning more about the joys and challenges of their neighbors.

JVs also participate in our Ignatian formation program throughout their term of service. They attend five retreats each year, alongside weekly discussions and reflections, to deepen their understanding of JVC’s values, facilitate the cross-cultural adjustment process, and examine challenges of privilege and solidarity.


Every U.S.-based volunteer will have access to a local support team, comprised of a staff member, alumni, and a spiritual adviser, within their city of service. This support team addresses health and safety issues, logistical hurdles, and other challenges if they arise. They also facilitate the JV experience through ongoing reflections, in-city retreats, and coordination between the volunteer and their agency placement.


Volunteers placed abroad will have access to local Jesuit partners, alumni of the International Program, and full-time staff based in the U.S. JVC staff works with local Jesuit partners to ensure health and safety issues, logistical hurdles, and other challenges are addressed quickly and thoroughly should they arise. U.S.-based staff are available to international volunteers 24 hours/day in case of emergency.




JVC provides for Jesuit Volunteers’ housing, food, a modest monthly personal stipend, health insurance (if unavailable elsewhere), transportation, menstrual products, and a relocation stipend at the end of their term of service. Volunteers are responsible for transportation to orientation.

Financial Assistance

Each year JVC disburses a handful of need-based grants to incoming volunteers for whom financial realities would otherwise prohibit a year or two of service.

Established through the generous support of Drs. John and Mary Ann Hurley in honor of their children’s life-changing JVC experience, the RJV Hurley Fund provides each recipient with up to $3,000 to mitigate barriers to joining or continuing as a Jesuit Volunteer.

Learn more about the RJV Hurley Fund below:

What can funds be used for?


Flight or train to orientation

Unanticipated family emergency travel during term of service*

Relocation after term of service

Health and accessibility

Shipment or procurement of necessary medical equipment*

Ongoing mental or physical health expenses not covered by insurance (e.g. food for a registered, trained service animal)*

Post-service expenses

Living costs immediately post-service

Graduate school deposits, application fees (if not waived), travel for interviews


Student loan payments where deferment unavailable

Visa/work permit renewal or other immigration-related expenses


*Eligible for application during service term. Funds for all other uses must be applied for prior to the start of the service term.  

Who is eligible?

All conditionally accepted or admitted Jesuit Volunteers who meet the criteria below may apply for a Hurley Fund award. Please note, however, that JVC is only able to award a limited number of funds each year. 

Demonstrated financial need

As evidenced by personal financial statements, FAFSA documents, and any additional context submitted

An identified issue preventing potential or continued participation as a Jesuit Volunteer

Issue must be relevant to, and mitigated by, the Fund and its approved uses

When can I apply for the funds?

Those interested in applying for a Hurley Fund award must submit their JVC application by the January 25 priority deadline. 

Award announcements will be made alongside placement offers.

Loan Deferment and Assistance

Volunteers who require student loan deferments can request a letter from JVC to provide to their lenders. Please note that not all lenders allow for loan deferments- please check with your lender prior to reaching out.

Through a partnership with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteers, JVC is pleased to offer access to AmeriCorps Education Awards and loan forbearance to Jesuit Volunteers in certain non-ministry, educational volunteer positions. To learn more about qualifying positions, email us at

Melissa May JV photo from 2014


Jesuit Volunteers join a community of over 10,000 alumni committed to faith in action. Former Jesuit Volunteers do amazing things: they serve the public interest as members of Congress, found and lead organizations at the forefront of social change, heal bodies and minds as medical professionals, advocate for justice as lawyers and judges, and continue to work with the poor and marginalized.

Graduate School Partnerships

JVC partners with universities across the country to offer scholarships and discounted tuition for alumni pursuing Master’s or law degrees. Click here for all opportunities available to Former Jesuit Volunteers.

A Lifelong Community

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a Jesuit Volunteer is our expansive network of current and former volunteers, supporters, and partner agencies. With Former Jesuit Volunteer chapters across the country, FJVs have the opportunity to connect and network with likeminded individuals regardless of where they live. FJVs connect virtually and in-person, join and initiate ongoing formation and social events, and support each other professionally and personally.