Our stories and updates are thoughtfully cataloged over the course of a given program year within our annual JVC Magazine which serves as a formal thank you to all of our supporters, outlines our upcoming commitments and celebrations, and reflects on the impact of our mission and values. 

  • JVC Magazine 2022

    There is awakened energy at JVC! We are excited to share a sneak peek of our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, plus stories from our JVs, FJVs, and JVC partners.

  • JVC Magazine 2021

     We are engaging in a yearlong strategic planning process to help guide our path forward for the next five years. We ask for your help as we focus on implementing JEDI initiatives and strong leadership. 

  • Photo by Nicole Antonacci (San Diego 2019-2020) at
Black Lives Matter marches held in San Diego, California.

    JVC Magazine 2020

    This year has been like no other. The COVID-19 global pandemic has radically changed how we engage with each other.

  • Semana Santa (Spirituality): JVs Hannah Petersen and Faith Kersey-Bronec walk in the Semana Santa procession, an important part of the Easter celebration in Peru. These processions walk the stations of the cross in local neighborhoods, stopping at different houses which have been designated as stations of the cross. There, families read a prayer and ask for a blessing of their home.

    JVC Magazine 2019

    JVC’s priorities consist of focusing on the fundamentals: recruitment with an eye towards diversifying future JV cohorts, growing our development work to ensure financial stability and opportunities for growth and building stronger connections between JVC and FJVs on both the local and national level.


Sustain our mission of forming young leaders committed to building a more just and hopeful world.