Spencer L (San Jose 2016-17) prays at orientation at camp st. francis
Spencer L (San Jose 2016-17) prays at orientation at camp st. francis



Grounded in the core values of spirituality, simple living, community and social justice, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps envisions a just, inclusive, and equitable world that honors the dignity and diversity of all.



The Jesuit Volunteer Corps, through solidarity and service with local communities, fosters the formation of young people dedicated to a faith that promotes justice.

Sam McGrath (San Diego 2014-15, Los Angeles 2015-16)
JVC Commissioning Mass blessing by JVC Staff during Orientation in California. (2017)
Abby Habein (Camden 2011-12) journals at Orientation 2011.


Rooted in Ignatian spirituality and the Catholic Social Tradition, JVC is inclusive of all religious expressions and spiritual backgrounds. We believe that diverse perspectives, in open and honest engagement, contribute to the richness of our community and our faith. We strive to perceive God in others, practice personal reflection in daily life, discern and discuss the challenges of living faithful and just lives, and pursue deep attention to the common good.

Shrader and her JVC housemates in 2014 during a hike.


To facilitate lives grounded in spirituality, community and social justice, Jesuit Volunteers live simply and intentionally, reducing the distraction of consumerism, materialism, and busyness. In collaboration with local organizations, neighbors, and a supportive peer community, volunteers prioritize people before things, and make deliberate decisions about how to utilize time and resources.

NYC Jesuit Volunteers 2020-21
Casa Jane Adams Sacramento 2014-15 Jesuit Volunteers smiling during community night
Jesuit Volunteers serving internationally with JVC in Tanzania dance in community


JVC builds intentional communities that broaden perspectives and confront boundaries. In collaboration with neighbors and local organizations, volunteers commit to developing mutual relationships across lines of difference. Volunteers engage practices of self-awareness, humility, and consensus building in cultivating inclusive and equitable communities.

Jesuit Volunteer serving in San Antonio, Texas nursing a baby at their placement site


While living intentionally and in collaboration with neighbors and local organizations, Jesuit Volunteers engage in the work of social justice. A central element of this value is JVC’s racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work to identify barriers that have historically prevented the full participation of some groups. By grounding this value in the Catholic social tradition and in pursuit of a more just world that honors the inherent, sacred dignity of all, JVC supports practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable power, opportunity, access, treatment, and outcomes for all people.

Fr. Greg Boyle talks with a Jesuit Volunteer before 2018 Orientation commissioning mass.


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps draws inspiration and direction from the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests and brothers. Better known as the “Jesuits,” the order was founded almost 500 years ago by St. Ignatius of Loyola, who challenged others to live as “contemplatives in action,” balancing between reflective prayer and work for justice.

The Jesuit Volunteer experience frames full-time service within four inter-related values of the Jesuit tradition: Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality, social justice, community, and simple living. Each value is reinforced through the use of foundational tools: The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, The Autobiography of St. Ignatius, and contemporary Jesuit documents articulating a faith that does justice. 

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps welcomes all passionate, young leaders, regardless of their familiarity with -- or prior interest in -- faith, religion, Catholicism, or Ignatian spirituality. We simply ask that volunteers remain open to hearing and learning about Ignatian tools and principles and applying them where relevant.