How to Discern Your Placement Offer

Read through your JVC Placement Offer and answer the following questions.  Consider making marks, notes, comments, or even drawing directly on the Placement Offer. This is a document to own and reflect on throughout your time with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. 

Questions to ask yourself include:

1. What were my initial reactions to receiving and reading my JVC  placement offer? What is my reaction after reading through several times and/or sitting with it for a bit? Has anything changed?
2. What aspect(s) of the  JVC placement offer is/are particularly exciting?
3. What aspect(s) of the JVC placement offer make(s) me a bit apprehensive?
4. How did my family and/or friends respond when I shared my placement offer with them? How have they affirmed or challenged my discernment of this specific placement offer?
5. How do I hope accepting this placement offer will help me grow?
6. What questions do I have about the JVC placement offer? What questions do I need answers to for my discernment? What questions don’t actually need answers (right now)?

We encourage you to spend time in your discernment of next steps considering whether you can answer yes to these questions:

1. Am I able to commit to the JVC placement offer as it is stated for a full term of service?
2. Am I ready and willing to commit fully to JVC, withdrawing from any other application processes I am in (such as grad school or other service programs)?
3. Am I able to commit to engagement and growth in the areas of spirituality, simple living, community, and social justice during my time as a Jesuit Volunteer?