What is the Hurley Fund?

Established through the generous support of Drs. John and Mary Ann Hurley in honor of their children’s life-changing JVC experience, the RJV Hurley Fund provides financial support to incoming volunteers for whom financial realities would otherwise prohibit a year or two of service. 

Each Hurley Fund recipient receives up to $3,000 to mitigate barriers to joining or continuing on as a Jesuit Volunteer. For more information on the selection criteria and uses of the Fund, please see below.

What can funds be used for?

Hurley Fund awards can be disbursed for the following uses:

  • Travel
    • To orientation
    • Unanticipated family emergency travel during term of service*
    • Relocation after term of service
  • Health and accessibility
    • Shipment or procurement of necessary medical equipment*
    • Ongoing mental or physical health expenses not covered by insurance (e.g. food for a registered, trained service animal)*

  • Post-service expenses
    • Living costs immediately post-service
    • Graduate school deposits, application fees (if not waived), travel for interviews
  • Other
    • Student loan payments where deferment unavailable
    • Visa/work permit renewal or other immigration-related expenses

*Eligible for application during service term. Funds for all other uses must be applied for prior to the start of the service term.  


Who is eligible?

All conditionally accepted or admitted Jesuit Volunteers who meet the criteria below may apply for a Hurley Fund award. Please note, however, that JVC is only able to award a limited number of funds each year. 

  • Demonstrated financial need
    • As evidenced by personal financial statements, FAFSA documents, and any additional context submitted
  • An identified issue preventing potential or continued participation as a Jesuit Volunteer
    • Issue must be relevant to, and mitigated by, the Fund and its approved uses

Ready to complete your application?

After completing our initial application by the priority deadline on January 25, 2019: Prospective Jesuit Volunteers that require financial assistance will be prompted to submit their Hurley Fund applications. Award announcements will be made alongside placement offers.