community closure, phoenix, az

Honoring JVC's History in Phoenix, AZ

From 1983-2023304 Jesuit Volunteers served with JVC in the city of Phoenix.

Entering the 2023-24 Program Year, JVC is pausing our presence in Phoenix, but we are hopeful to return when our JV numbers increase.

Out of gratitude for the service of our Phoenix FJVs and the wider JVC community that has supported them, we have set aside this space for reflections, photos, and tributes in celebration of Casa Bartolome de las Casas.

If you have a story or photo from your time in the Phoenix community, please email to add it to this page!

Phoenix: Casa Bartolome de las Casas

We are so grateful for the individuals who have served in and supported the Phoenix community over the years. If you would like to share a photo or reflection from your time with JVC in Phoenix, please email us at