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Broken Open: Finding Care for the Whole Person

Former Jesuit Volunteer Cesca Wolos-Fonteno (Sacramento 2017-2018) Headshot

In this episode Cesca Wolos-Fonteno offers insight into her vital work as a full spectrum doula and the importance acknowledging our presence as a means of forming community.   

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" Showing up has meant beginning to operate as if everyone is experiencing a grief, or loss, or a depletion of some kind. Which is such a lesson for non-COVID times because that’s actually always true."

Cesca Wolos-Fonteno (Sacramento 2017-2018)

Based off of Rumi’s poem “Dance,” Broken Open is a podcast where we dive into how our JVC community has faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking through the lenses of spirituality, simple living, community, and social justice, we speak with folks who can offer an intentional voice of reflection as they continue to do essential work in vulnerable populations. 

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Guest Bio 
Cesca Wolos-Fonteno (she/her) is a queer biracial full-spectrum doula, serving the greater New York City area. She served as a JV with Waking the Village from 2017-2018, supporting pregnant and parenting youth experiencing housing insecurity within Sacramento. Cesca went on to complete her doula training with Ancient Song Doula Services, a community of birth practitioners committed to addressing the violent care gaps within Black birthing health and the financial inaccessibilities of traditional doula support. Cesca is interested in the crosshatchings of birth, loss, grief, and generational spiritual health, and will begin a Master of Divinity degree program in the fall. 

Show Notes 
Broken Open was produced, written, edited, and hosted by Emily with supervision from Dominique Troy. Graphics by Ethix Merch and original music by Casa Lilian Santiago: Jack Broderick, Roisin Goebelbecker, Jackie Kirsch, Liam O’Toole, Sydney Theis, and Giselle Tolentino.