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JVC Communities Reopening

Jesuit Volunteers stand up at 2018 Orientation at Loyola University Chicago when their community house names are called out in celebration of the year ahead. (2018)

(Sent to JVC Community on 10/04/2021)

Dear JVC Community, 

In April 2019, we made the difficult decision to temporarily pause our presence in four JV communities of St. Louis, Raleigh, Mobile, and Portland (ME). At that time, we committed to reopen those communities at a future date. I am happy to share that we plan to bring back JVs to those four communities starting in the 2022-23 Program Year! 

This development is the work of many hands. First, I would like to express my gratitude to the JVC staff, who has worked diligently over the last two years to strengthen our recruiting and admissions process and to develop stronger program support for our volunteers. I would also like to thank our campus partners who promote JVC to their students, FJVs who have offered to help find new agency placements, and donors who have faithfully supported us over the years. The commitment of so many has put JVC on a path to reopen these four cities. 

In order to reopen these communities smoothly and successfully, we need your help! We are convening four city-specific House Reopening Committees and asking FJVs and community members that live in these cities or have significant ties to local organizations to consider joining in the relaunching process. 

Please click on one of the cities below to sign up for a House Reopening Committee and to give suggestions on local agencies.  





It is in times like these that I am particularly proud to be a part of this JVC community with all of you. I thank you in advance for your help to make these returns successful. 


Tom Chabolla