Dare to Change: Building a Framework for the Future

Dear Friends, 


This is an exciting moment in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps’ (JVC) nearly 70-year history.  It is a privilege to share with the JVC family our five year strategic plan and our revised vision and mission statements that will lead us into the future.  


From the outset, the strategic planning process was designed to be wide and inclusive. Through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one conversations, we heard from so many of you who shared your hopes and aspirations for JVC. Thank you. The critical topics you raised led the Board and staff into discussions that that both challenged and inspired us.  Together we were able to envision the future for JVC...


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Our Vision

Grounded in the core values of spirituality, simple living, community and social justice, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps envisions a just, inclusive, and equitable world that honors the dignity and diversity of all. 

Our Mission

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps, through solidarity and service with local communities, fosters the formation of young people dedicated to a faith that promotes justice.



Our Core Values

We value...

  • Spirituality

    Rooted in Ignatian spirituality and the Catholic Social Tradition, JVC is inclusive of all religious expressions and spiritual backgrounds. We believe that diverse perspectives, in open and honest engagement, contribute to the richness of our community and our faith. We strive to perceive God in others, practice personal reflection in daily life, discern and discuss the challenges of living faithful and just lives, and pursue deep attention to the common good. 

  • Simple Living

    To facilitate lives grounded in spirituality, community and social justice, Jesuit Volunteers live simply and intentionally, reducing the distraction of consumerism, materialism, and busyness. In collaboration with local organizations, neighbors, and a supportive peer community, volunteers prioritize people before things, and make deliberate decisions about how to utilize time and resources. 

  • Community

    JVC builds intentional communities that broaden perspectives and confront boundaries. In collaboration with neighbors and local organizations, volunteers commit to developing mutual relationships across lines of difference. Volunteers engage practices of self-awareness, humility, and consensus building in cultivating inclusive and equitable communities. 

  • Social Justice

    While living intentionally and in collaboration with neighbors and local organizations, Jesuit Volunteers engage in the work of social justice. A central element of this value is JVC’s racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work to identify barriers that have historically prevented the full participation of some groups. By grounding this value in the Catholic social tradition and in pursuit of a more just world that honors the inherent, sacred dignity of all, JVC supports practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable power, opportunity, access, treatment, and outcomes for all people. 

Our Guiding Principles

Committed to spirituality, simple living, community, and social justice, we hold ourselves accountable to the following principles.

We commit to our Jesuit Volunteers...

to provide a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment to support them throughout their service.

We commit to donors...

that we will be good stewards of the gifts and grants that are entrusted to us to advance our mission.

We strive for effective and transparent communication...

with former Jesuit Volunteers, our campus and agency partners and internally with staff in all our processes, policies, and procedures.

We work to stay rooted...

in our Jesuit tradition and guided by the wisdom of the Catholic social tradition.

We provide accompaniment...

to each other, meeting each individual where they are on their journey and assuming positive intent.

We show up...

to adapt and take risks with open minds and hearts, listening to understand before responding and recognizing the importance of being nimble in a changing environment.

We use an equity lens...

in planning, decision-making, and implementation of policies, practices and programs to be deliberately inclusive and consistent as an organization.

We value psychological safety...

and make it an explicit priority through facilitated dialogue and the establishment of norms that hold each of us accountable to maintaining this culture.

We agree to center norms...

for breakthrough social change and be vocal around any deviations: speak your truth; lean into discomfort and lean into each other; accept non-closure; embrace paradox; and seek intentional learning, not perfection.

We invest in staff...

by empowering and trusting them to be creative and innovative, respecting capacity and supporting lifelong learning, having fun and developing the whole person.

Strategic Priorities

Through our strategic planning process, we identified three strategic priorities that establish a framework for the future of the organization. These themes outlined below will guide JVC’s work over the next five years and reflect the interconnectedness between the entire JVC experience and the community.


1. Strengthen JVC’s financial foundation to serve the growing needs of our community.

JVC commits to growing awareness of, demand for, and size of our programs by investing in programmatic and donor partnerships that meet the emerging needs of all volunteers.  

Strengthen JV recruiting, as well as agency and university relationships 

Maximize and allocate resources to serve more volunteers and accompany communities in need 

Expand community support, grow annual giving levels, and fund an endowment 

2. Invest in the transformative, lifelong connection of all Jesuit Volunteers. 

JVC commits to establishing and growing the culture, systems, staffing, and practices that lead to operational excellence and enhance the JV experience, while also building a longer-term connection with and among alumni.  

Invest in the systems and structures needed to evaluate impact and better learn from the JVC community 

Implement best practices and policies that create a consistent, worthwhile JV experience 

Commit to a structure and culture that prioritizes collaboration, develops staff, and deepens our JEDI work 

Allocate resources that will attract, accompany, and deepen relationships with PJVs, JVs, and FJVs 

3. Increase diversity, lean into our values, and expand our future footprint.

JVC commits to strengthening a foundation of inclusion that leads to a more diverse, geographically broad, and well-known “JVC of the Future” that has deeper ties to our Jesuit identity. 

Expand where we recruit and develop new partnerships to create a more diverse cohort 

Infuse our Jesuit identity across our program and our culture 

Raise JVC’s profile and reputation among core Catholic and Jesuit colleges, as well as additional social justice and service-based communities and colleges 


The JVC Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for action that speaks to our goals and vision, while remaining malleable to the inevitable changes and opportunities that will occur in the environment and within the organization.


To get where we are today, we embarked on an 18-month process which involved a Kickoff Phase that identified major themes to investigate, a Research & Discovery Phase that included interviews, surveys, and focus groups that engaged more than 750 JVC community members; a Strategic Plan Development Phase led by staff and Board members who utilized the findings to build the plan; and an Implementation and Coaching Phase that supported the launch and operationalization of the strategic priorities.  



Strengthening Our Future, Together

As JVC shares its strategic plan with you, we call on all FJVs, donors and partners to join us in realizing our mission and vision. 


We call on...

Jesuit Volunteers to immerse yourselves during your time of service, to be open to learn, to let your heart lead you and to be challenged by your experiences. We call on JVs to be ambassadors to your friends and family to encourage more young people to join JVC. 

Former Jesuit Volunteers to remain connected to the impact of your time of service. You know better than any others, the power of the JV experience and how transformative that experience can be in a person’s life. We call on FJVs to give back and pay forward—give back by engaging other FJVs and providing support to JVs in your community; pay forward by becoming lifelong donors. Your generosity enables us to make the JV experience available to more people and supports our engagement with agency partners who provide placements for our volunteers. 

Donors to continue your financial support and share the good news about JVC with friends and family. We call on our benefactors to make a lifelong commitment to walk with us and our volunteers and to continue to help make JVC a strong and sustainable organization. 

Jesuit Communities to accompany volunteers and FJVs in local communities and to help us deepen our roots in Ignatian spirituality and Catholic social tradition. We call on the Jesuits to help us make a local Jesuit connection for each community and be available for spiritual needs. 

Agency Partners to continue to provide impactful placements for JVs and for creating a space for them support your mission and accompany your constituents. We call on our agency partners to join us in forging a new relationship where we can work in a closer way to support JVs in their learning and formation 

You represent the JVC family. We will be stronger together inspired by stories of transformation, by forging mutual relationships and by keeping JVs and the JV experience alive in our hearts and mind. 

To you all, we are extremely grateful. 

Call to Action

“Now, more than ever, young people are seeking connection and utilizing every opportunity to build a community. This is why JVC is so important at this point in time. We will continue to harness that energy in new ways to create a formative experience for all volunteers past and present.”

– Tom Chabolla, President of JVC 


Strengthen the JV experience with us!


Special thank you to all who participated in the strategic planning process, especially our Board and staff who worked tirelessly and collaboratively to develop a plan that will ensure a bright future for our organization and the entire JVC community.