We engage brave young believers in life-changing service,
and working with those in need to build a more just and hopeful world.

Our promise: an intense year of taking on 
the world’s uncomfortable challenges,
forging a sense of purpose to guide every year that follows.
JVC is the 
springboard to a future fighting for what matters.


Check back mid-October  for application details.  
Email admissions@jesuitvolunteers.org with any questions!


Admissions Inquiry Form

Thanks for taking the first step to learning more about our 1-2 year long service program and what to expect.

Notification 2
International program applicants: materials must be postmarked by or uploaded online by 11:59 p.m. on January 24. Domestic program applicants: January 24 is the Winter Deadline, Applications will be accepted again for the Spring Deadline on March 27.
The interview and placement process is one of mutual discernment and reflection. Applicants have the opportunity to engage in conversation with JVC staff, learn more about JVC and their desires and motivations to commit to living out the four values.
In February, applicants interview by Skype. By late February, applicants are either invited to continue in the process and attend a mandatory Discernment Weekend in March, or are offered the opportunity to transfer to the domestic program process.
Discernment Weekends take place in Washington, DC; Chicago; or Santa Clara, CA in March/early April. The weekends offer a space for invited applicants and JVC staff to get to know one another and provide a forum for honest and prayerful discussion.
JVC encourages applicants to be open to serve where needed. At Discernment Weekend, applicants can share any strong geographic or ministry preferences that have emerged from their discernment process. In April, applicants are notified of placement offers, which are made on a rolling basis.
In February, applicants interview by Skype or phone about the JVC program and values. After the initial application deadline, interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis.
After the program interview, JVC staff email initial acceptance notifications to applicants and a list of available placements and positions. Applicants enter into conversation with staff about geographic and ministry preferences.
JVC staff work with applicants and agencies to determine best fits for both parties, and applicants have an opportunity to interview directly with potential placement agencies where they may serve. Both applicants and agencies provide feedback to JVC after the interview and JVC works to determine where interests and skills best fit. Applicants may go through this matching process multiple times to find the right fit before being offered a placement.
The final commitment is made when applicants sign and submit their covenants to JVC. All partner agencies and JV communities rely on incoming JVs to consider this commitment very seriously.
The Orientation Retreat is a mandatory commitment for all JVs; International Program Orientation is for about two weeks in July on the East Coast. There are several Domestic Program Orientations across the country which take place in early August.
Applicants commit to the opportunity to grow as a leader through faith in action for a full term of service with JVC. Domestic program: August 2016-August 2017. International program: July 2016-July 2018 (Belize & Micronesia), November 2016-December 2018 (Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, & Tanzania).