Interviewing and Placement

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps interview and placement process is one of mutual discernment and reflection. Applicants have opportunity to learn more about JVC, the four values, and the value of committing to JVC. Throughout the process applicants will engage in conversation with JVC staff and will be asked to consider their potential commitment to the program. JVC staff will challenge applicants to fully consider the four values and to remain open to serving where needed.  

Prior to an interview, all potential Jesuit Volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with JVC’s four values and review specific materials about JVC listed below. Reflecting on these materials is critical for applicants to work through the discernment process in an informed way.   

As you discern your decision to apply to JVC, it is wise to consider any current financial obligations. Jesuit Volunteers have had success seeking deferment for most federal Stafford and Perkins loans. If you have loans, check with your lender to find out if you might be able to defer them. Find more information on our Loan Deferment FAQ page.

Domestic Program

Please review the following documents for more information regarding the screening and interview process:

Should applicants be invited to the second phase of the domestic program screening process, they will have additional interview(s) with an agency or agencies where they could be placed to work. In preparation for an interview with a potential JVC placement site, we encourage all applicants to ask the agency contact for a full job description and prepare for the interview as you would for any job. Additionally, we have put together a list of questions that may be helpful for you to ask during your interview.

International Program

International Program

There is only one deadline to apply for the international program (January 24, 2017). Once completed applications are reviewed by JVC staff, applicants are invited for the first phase of interviewing, between the deadline and late February. After this stage, applicants may be invited to one of four discernment weekends and a second interview. Discernment weekends are scheduled for:

  • March 18-19: Washington, DC
  • March 18-19: Santa Clara, CA
  • March 25-26: Chicago, IL 
  • April 1-2: Washington, DC 

To reflect more on JVC’s international program in preparation for the first round of interviews, applicants should review the following:

  1. International Program Interview and Screening Process Timeline
  2. International Program Covenant
  3. International Program Handbook
  4. Method of Discernment
  5. Discernment: Making Inspired Choices