2022 Lenten Reflection

Carefully curated from a variety of Ignatian spirituality resources, our weekly Lenten prayer guide is available for you to use as you continue to embark on your Lenten journey. 

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FJV Love Stories: Carolina and Johnny Dolan-Dominguez

fjv, community, love stories, alumni feature

FJV Love Stories: Abbey and Ryan

fjv, social justice, law, alumni feature

New FJVs: Where are they now?

social justice, simple living, fjv, alumni feature

New FJVs: Where are they now?

alumni feature, ministry, healthcare

Making Space for Mutual Liberation

Submitted by JVC Visalia ‘93-’94: John Callahan, Liz Hanifin, Maria Laberteaux, Chris Petrone, Kristi Richter, and Harry Rissetto

alumni feature

Life-Affirming Reunions Years After Service

Julie Dowd

alumni feature, education, ministry

Mid-life Transitions Happen One-Step-at-a-Time

volunteer stories, legal services

Jesuit Volunteer Conducts Jail Visit in NOLA During COVID-19

Jen Washle (San Diego 2018-19)

alumni feature, education

Providing Fair and Equitable Education in San Diego

Sheila Gainer (Brooklyn 2003-04) and her family.

alumni feature, community development

15-years As A Union Organizer, Sheila Remembers Her JVC DisO Retreat Banner