Paige Katzfey (Micronesia 2011-2013) at JVC Orientation. (2018)
Paige Katzfey (Micronesia 2011-2013) at JVC Orientation. (2018)


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps' greatest impact can be seen in the actions and values of our former volunteers. Here you'll find stories from just a few of over 12,000 FJVs, transformed by their JVC experience, committed to a life of putting their faith into action.

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Answering the Call to Religious Life Through JVC

Lawyer and FJV Shannon Johnson Guerisoli
(Phoenix 2009-10)

alumni feature, immigration and refugee services

FJV on the Front Lines of Immigration Reform

Stephanie Lubert, esq
(Houston 2008-09) headshot

alumni feature, immigration and refugee services

FJV Accompanies Immigrant Children During Legal Process

Beth Pawuk (Detroit 90s) and staff member at Orientation.

alumni feature, jvc magazine

A Longstanding Dedication to the Mission of JVC

Former Jesuit Volunteer, Patrick Brier (Washington DC 1979-80) at law firm in Scranton, PA. (2018)

alumni feature, jvc magazine

Scranton Native Brings JVC’s Values Back to His Hometown

Senator Casey, Jr.   (Philadelphia 1982-83) gives speech in front of supporters.

alumni feature, jvc magazine, public policy

Former Jesuit Volunteer Runs for Congressional Seat

alumni feature, vocational journey

FJV Steps into Sisterhood with the Franciscans

Greg Mellor Headshot (Sacramento 2004-05)

alumni feature, ministry

FJV Pursues Prison Ministry 14 Years after Serving at New Folsom Prison as a JV

While working at Everytown, Liz planned and ran an advocacy day and press conference with grassroots volunteers and gun violence survivors in Mississippi.

alumni feature, public policy, housing insecurity

Senior Policy Analyst Responds to Mass Shooting

FJV Peace Camp

children and youth, alumni feature

FJV Reflects on 10 years of Peace Camp she co-founded as a JV