NYC Jesuit Volunteer Community 2018-19
NYC Jesuit Volunteer Community 2018-19

2020 Orientation

Orientation is an annual gathering for incoming Jesuit Volunteers and members of the JVC community to come together in celebration and exploration of our four core values.

Orientation Schedule 

Your Orientation Schedule can be found online here. This link includes all three domestic program regional schedules. Click the tabs at the bottom of the workbook for your respective region and for corresponding handouts and resources.


Meet your 2020 Orientation presenters!

Ana Lopez

Spirituality Presenter

Fr. James Martin, SJ

Commissioning Mass Presider

Heidi Kallen

Simple Living Presenter

Angela Smith

Social Justice and Racial Justice Presenter

Meg Griffiths

Community Presenter

Affinity Groups

JVC recognizes that volunteers with marginalized and underrepresented identities may need an intentional space to further process and hold conversations related to social justice, race, gender, and sexuality. All volunteers who identify as people of color and/or LGBTQ+ individuals are invited to join staff-facilitated affinity groups during orientation and future retreats.

If you are unsure about whether these spaces are for you or if you have further questions, please find a JVC staff member.

People of Color (POC) Affinity Group
This space is open to any volunteer who identifies as a person of color or as mixed race. 

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
This space is open to any volunteer who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, gender nonconforming, or who identifies as having a non-normative sexual or gender identity. This space is also open to volunteers who may be questioning their sexual or gender identity.

Handouts, Reflections and Guides

Your Orientation Reflection Guide for additional processing throughout the retreat | Download here

Orientation East Region Schedule


Ready to start your year?

Nico Moore and Taylor Caron - Casa Martin Luther King Jr., San Francisco, CA embrace in a sign of peace at commissioning mass. (2017)