Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at JVC

JVC is energized to identify and advance the learning outcomes of volunteer cohorts in the area of racial justice; to train staff and board members to be advocates in this work; and to better equip JVC’s community to lead lives dedicated to anti-racism, and ultimately towards dismantling oppressive structures. 

Current Focus of Our Work

We have consolidated some of our efforts over this past program year into these segmented lists below. The recently reformed JVC Racial Justice Task Force is working on a long-term plan proposal that seeks to encompass feedback submitted by all our stakeholders over the past few years. 

Completed: Jesuit Volunteer Experience, Culture and Training

(Completed Fall 2019 for the 2020-21 application cycle) Include the RJV Hurley Fund as an integrated part of the application so that any applicant can easily apply for financial assistance by Fall 2020

(Completed – Winter 2020) Incorporate VIRTUS training for all incoming Jesuit Volunteers for expectation setting and creating a safe environment in the workplace including anti-harassment training, and Protecting God's Children Maltreatment Awareness by Spring 2020

(Completed – Winter 2020) JVC President to convene three community leaders as consultants to work with JVC to build out JVC Formation Program Curriculum that embeds racial justice throughout JV faith formation, retreats and life in their cities of service by Summer 2020

(Completed – Winter 2020) JVC President and Director of Programs to meet with North Central Jesuit Volunteers to discuss proposed formation changes regarding anti-racism and racial justice work by Summer 2020

(Completed Spring 2020) Secure additional JV position agreements that offer student loan forgiveness by Spring 2020

(Completed – July 2020) BIPOC and ally Jesuit Volunteers to share their experiences with JVC Staff during their Annual Meeting by July 2020

(Completed – Summer 2020) JVC to curate a list of work from scholars, activists and anti-racism educators for ways to engage in conversations on race, community anti-racism work, and self-reflection by July 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Order JV house copies of Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad for community discussion by Summer 2020

(Completed – Summer 2020) Hire Affinity Group Leaders for the 2020-21 Program Year by Summer 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Schedule a racial justice presentation and training for Orientation led by Affinity Group Leaders and JVC Board Member by Summer 2020

Completed: Staff and Board Experience, Culture and Training

(Completed) As part of its Board Development, the Board will participate in Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training in FY21

(Completed - May 2020) JVC Board of Directors to engage in conversation on race and identity at May 2020 board meeting 

(Completed – May 2020) JVC President to have 1-on-1 meetings with each staff person to identify the experiences and hopes they have for JVC’s commitment to racial justice work, and to address any concerns by Spring 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Convene the Racial Justice Task Force to discuss training opportunities and propose options to the management team to lift up BIPOC voices across departments  by Summer 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Hire facilitator for staff training on identity, privilege, and white supremacy for the months of July, August, and September by Summer 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Create staff agreements for engaging in conversations for staff training on racial justice by Summer 2020

(Completed – July 2020) Ordered Staff copies of Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad for monthly book discussions via caucus groups 

(Completed - September 2020) JVC Racial Justice Task Force to create a long-term proposal that encompasses needs expressed by stakeholders

(Completed - September 2020) Launch an FJV BIPOC Mentorship Program for accompaniment throughout their term of service by Fall 2020

(Completed - October 2020) JVC Racial Justice Task Force to present recommendations to Board of Directors at October 2020 Board Meeting

In Progress

(In Progress) Hire facilitator for JVC Staff reconciliation session to heal together by Winter 2020

(In Progress) JVC Board of Directors to intentionally diversify its membership, building on its gender diversification of the previous decade to embrace racial and ethnic diversity.

FJV Mentor Program for BIPOC JVs

JVC recognizes that each Jesuit Volunteer has a unique and individual experience with overarching themes, joys, and challenges, and JVC is committed to supporting BIPOC Jesuit Volunteers throughout their term of service. 

BIPOC Jesuit Volunteers are offered opportunities for support through the FJV Mentorship Program, made up of former Jesuit Volunteers who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Our hope is that by connecting FJVs with a JV Mentee, that they can receive individual support and assistance with navigating their JV experience. And that FJVs can have the opportunity to invest in support, accompaniment, and growth of Jesuit Volunteers.

Curating Resources on Anti-Racism

This list represents the work of teachers, scholars, activists, and spiritual peoples. The work of anti-racism is an ongoing one that is meant to be a personal and individual journey, as much as it is meant to contribute to our collective healing and growth as a community. 

But it starts with you taking the time for self-reflection, inquiry and confronting your own bias and harm you have caused throughout your life. We ask that if you further pursue the work of any peoples listed that you do so with the utmost respect of the labor, time and efforts of those doing this work, which includes not asking these individuals to "resource you" for free.

Facilitation and Training Recommendations

JVC Staff is committed to ongoing anti-racism work. As JVC’s Racial Justice Task Force works to build out a calendar for our training, curriculum and ongoing support needs for this work, the aim will be to do the following: 

Facilitate active learning and conversation around the topics of race, racial justice, social justice, and identity. 

Provide common language to build individual and collective capacity to discuss race, equity, power and privilege in the workplace.  

Grow in individual and collective understanding and awareness of non-dominant identities and/or experiences 

Provide an environment to more safely explore our individual and collective understanding of racial justice as it relates the past, present and future of JVC.  

Expand upon and develop an awareness about inclusive and welcoming language and concepts regarding the intersection of racism, sexism, ableism, anti-Blackness, anti-LGBTQIA.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Orientation 2018 with all volunteers entering to serve with JVC in 6 countries.

November 2018

Organizational Transition

Tom Chabolla is hired and starts as JVC President on November 1. Tom brings to JVC over 30 years of leadership experience with large organizations at the forefront of social change. “The consistent thread woven throughout my career has been working within organizations committed to advancing social and economic justice,” says Tom. “That focus and passion was fed through my formation as a Jesuit Novice in California, deepened through my studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and put into action through my various roles working on issues including immigration reform, access to affordable housing, and workers’ rights, among others.”


November 2018-2019

Tom Tour

At the Staff Annual Meeting 2018, JVC staff complete a SWOT analysis of the entire organization and identify key focus areas for their work.

JVC President goes on a listening tour of all domestic program JV houses throughout the 2018-19 program year. In 2019, Tom is able to also make trips to our international placement sites to hear directly from volunteers, and local constituents about their experiences.

Winter-Spring 2020

Curriculum Consultants Hired

JVC President convenes three community leaders as consultants to work with JVC to build out JVC's Formation Program curriculum that embeds racial justice throughout JV faith formation, retreats, and life in their cities of service.

JVC President and Director of Programs meets with North Central Jesuit Volunteers to discuss proposed formation changes regarding anti-racism and racial justice work. 

July 2020

Racial Justice Task Force Re-Established

JVC re-establishes the Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF), which was initially started in 2014. We hope JVC board members, current JVs, former JVs, and staff can work together to assess which demands are feasible in the short and long term and to identify ways to ensure any changes we make are sustainable for the future of JVC. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to lay out a sustainable and measurable plan of action in this regard. 

Invest in developing leaders

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