jesuit Volunteers listen to presentations at August 2018 Orientation
jesuit Volunteers listen to presentations at August 2018 Orientation

How to apply

Become a Jesuit Volunteer. Jesuit Volunteers take on some of the world’s most difficult challenges in 45 communities across six countries. They live and work with those in need, permanently transforming themselves and the communities they serve. JVs give us an intense year or two, and we give them a sense of purpose to guide every year that follows. We cannot wait to meet you and begin your journey to JVC. Let’s get started!


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps encourages applications from candidates of all races, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, languages, and physical abilities.

Initial Orientation 2018 icebreakers


2020-21 Deadlines:

Our application portal for the 2020-21 program year is now closed. All domestic program JV positions have been filled!

Due to COVID-19, JVC is having a virtual/remote Orientation in August 2020. Domestic Program JVs are then expected to attend Local Orientation starting August 12 in their city of service.


Check back in Fall 2020 to access the application for the 2021-22 program year. You can always speak with a recruiter or receive updates by clicking here and completing our interest form!

Speak With a Recruiter

AJ Golio headshot

AJ Golio †*


AJ recruits prospective Jesuit Volunteers from schools and events on the east coast and parts of the south. AJ served as a Jesuit Volunteer at the Harry Thompson Center in New Orleans from 2016-17.
Anna Herrmann (Detroit 2018-19)

Anna Herrmann †


Anna recruits prospective Jesuit Volunteers from schools and events in the central United States of America. Anna served as a JV in Detroit, MI from 2018-19.
Rob Roa associate manager of recruitment

Rob Roa *

Recruitment Manager

Rob is part of the team working to recruit new corps members to JVC. Through the Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation, Rob worked from 2014-2015 with rural sustenance farmers in Tacloban, Leyte to develop their cooperative agribusiness model.

Step 1: Create an account and apply

Log into our online application system. Apply by December 1 for priority consideration among our domestic and international placements. You must submit your application including transcripts and recommendation forms by (the latest) May 31 to still be considered for the 2020-21 program year.

Step 2: Initial interviews and JVC acceptance

Within two weeks of your submitted application, you’ll interview with a former Jesuit Volunteer. This is when you’ll first tell us about your preferences (if any) for field and region of service.

If you advance beyond that interview, you’ll be accepted into JVC and invited to the discernment process to further explore the mission and values of JVC. This includes steps like viewing a webinar and participating in small group conversations with peers and JVC Staff. After these steps, you will continue on to your community and placement matching process. 

Step 3: Community and placement matching

Here’s where you let us know more in-depth about your interest and eligibility for volunteer positions and locations. For 1 year placements in the US, we will offer you at least six placement sites, then you'll select your top three and interview with them. For 2 year international placements, you will interview with JVC Staff. 

Step 4: Placement offer and onboarding

Upon successful matching with an agency partner, you will receive a final placement offer from JVC. If you accept your offer, we’ll begin the onboarding process to prepare you for JVC Orientation in the Summer of 2020  and your time as a Jesuit Volunteer.


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps application is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to our aspirational mission and our four core values.

Core Components

You'll be asked to submit (1) unofficial transcripts (for those who have attended college); (2) a resume detailing your work-life experience, competencies and skills, and (3) a personal statement that details your interest in full-time service. Please note that these components of the application are made available to potential agency placements later in our process.

Short Answer Essays

The short answer essays give you the opportunity to explain your commitment and understanding of our four core values and our mission, as well as your interest in participating in a formation program. If you are interested in serving in an international placement, you will answer a few additional questions to gauge your readiness for this cross-cultural commitment. This portion of the application is the foundation for the first-round interviews.


Recommenders will fill out an online form that they will gain access to via email once you input their contact information in our system. The recommenders will assess your behavior and interpersonal skills, how you've grown during the time they've known you, and how you respond when receiving feedback or during stressful situations.

You’ll select three individuals to submit recommendation forms for you: (1) someone who has supervised you in an academic, professional, or organized extracurricular setting; (2) someone who can speak to your commitment to JVC’s broader mission and values (e.g., a faith leader, campus minister, service project leader); and (3) someone you have lived with as a roommate, excluding family members.

Los Angeles JV from ita ford working on administrative tasks at their placement site. (2016)

Placement Matching and Preferences

With 16 types of service spread across 46 communities in 6 countries, JVC has opportunities available for every interest.  

We understand how important it is for our volunteers to serve in a location and type of service that matches their interests and priorities. Nearly all of our admitted applicants receive offers within their top region and preferred type of service.


Interested in a certain city or type of role? Let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.


Here's how you'll tell us your preferences:

Application materials: Your short essay answers and personal statement let us know more about who you are and what’s important to you. Here’s where you can first tell us about a field or type of service in which you’re passionate or interested.  

First-round interview: During your initial interview, a former Jesuit Volunteer will ask you more about your background and interests to help narrow down potential types of service should you be accepted into JVC. If you’re interested in serving in a potential region or city, you can also let them know here. 

Community and placement survey: After participating in a first-round interview and small group discernment conversation, you will complete a community and placement survey to formally tell us where and how you’d like to serve. For 1 year US placements: we’ll use this survey, as well as information provided in previous conversations, to match you with 6-8 potential placements that reflect your preferences for geography and type of service. For 2 year international placements: you will interview with JVC staff and share more about locations and types of roles you are interested in.

Placement interviews: For 1 year US placements: From our list of 6-8 roles, you’ll choose your top three options with which to interview. If you and an agency both agree that you'd like to move forward, we’ll formally offer you a position with them.  

For 2 year international placements: JVC Staff uses the information provided from your application, as well as feedback from both your interviews to match you with a community and role.

Jesuit Volunteer community photograph at retreat


Now the fun begins! As soon as you accept your JVC placement offer, you’ll work with our admissions and programs teams to prepare for orientation and your term of service.

Meeting your Community

In the summer, you’ll be introduced to their new community members and meet the JVC program staff. By Orientation in summer, you will have everything you need to begin your term of service.


All Jesuit Volunteers are responsible for travel to Orientation. JVC will cover all costs of travel and lodging from Orientation to each volunteer’s city of service. After arriving in your city of service, you'll receive a local Orientation from JVC staff, Agency Supervisors, or former Jesuit Volunteers. 

Orientation for all 1-year volunteers serving in the US will be held in Summer of 2020. The first day of full-time service will begin shortly afterward in mid-August.

Orientation for all 2-year volunteers serving internationally will be held in Summer of 2020 .

Placement Site Training

Each placement site varies in the level of training required for the Jesuit Volunteer to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. In instances where training is mandatory due to the laws in that state, there may be additional certifications, online courses or proficiency exams that you would complete prior to or upon arrival to your city of service.

International Jesuit Volunteer Program 2016 visit


JVC provides Jesuit Volunteers with the tools and resources they need to perform vital service. All Jesuit Volunteers receive housing, food, a modest monthly personal stipend, health insurance (if unavailable elsewhere), transportation which will vary depending on where you serve, menstrual products, and a relocation stipend at the end of their term of service.


To learn more about the Jesuit Volunteer experience browse the links below:


The Jesuit Volunteer Corps interview and placement process is one of mutual discernment and reflection.

Throughout the interview process applicants will be asked to consider their commitment to the JVC program, as well as its mission and values. Prior to an interview, all potential Jesuit Volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with JVC’s four values and review the materials listed below.  

Jesuit Volunteer at Homeboy Industries performing vital service with a client. (2010)


How to Prepare for Your JVC Interview

Katie Gosen (Hartford 2009) serving food at JV placement site.


How to Prepare for Your JVC Discernment Conversation

Chelsea Mulvey and her ballet students from Colegio Miguel Pro performed with the school's orchestra to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jesuits' arrival in Tacna.  (2009)


How to Prepare for Agency Interviews

JVC Commissioning Mass blessing by JVC Staff during Orientation in California. (2017)


How to Discern Your Placement Offer

Jesuit Volunteer serving in Los Angeles (2015-16) in their role as a classroom teacher.


The (AY) Formation Program gives current Jesuit Volunteers and JVC Northwest Volunteers the opportunity to continue living in community while working for peace and justice. By serving another one or two years as a JV, AY participants delve deeper into the four values and further discern how to pursue justice in their future careers and communities. Applicants are welcome to apply to either domestic or international placement options.

Applying for an additional term

Application Contents: You will need to submit an AY-specific application. This will include submitting short essays, as well as five new references: agency administrator or supervisor, two community members, a support person/local formation team member, and your JVC or JVC Northwest coordinator..

Creating a new application: Create a new application at From there, you will be directed to an eligibility quiz. Please answer the following questions accordingly:

“Have you completed, or are you in the process of completing, another faith-based service year program?” Please select “Yes,” and select “Jesuit Volunteer Corps” or “Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest”

Based on this answer, you will be directed to the application for Additional Year volunteers. Please continue with the remainder of the application.

Deadline: Volunteers applying for international placements or a second year at their current placements must submit their applications by Sunday, February 16, 2020. Those seeking a different domestic placement site can apply on a rolling basis through May 31, 2020. However, you are encouraged to apply by the AY priority deadline (February 16, 2020) to be eligible for the full set of placement options.

Status of your application: All applicants who submit by the February 16th deadline will know their acceptance status and placement site by the end of March/early April. Others will be notified on a rolling basis.

Your Coordinator’s Role in the Process

As the JVC staff member who has had the most interaction with you, your Program Coordinator or In-City Coordinator plays an important role.

You are required to have a discernment conversation with your coordinator before applying for your additional year. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and to share your motivations for an Additional Year, as well as to identify areas of growth. You will also be required to have your coordinator complete a reference form. Your coordinator's input is significant, but not the only factor in determining your status as an AY.

Jesuit Volunteer Community

It may be possible to remain in your community but switch placement sites. We ask AY applicants to practice apostolic availability and to consider the needs of our agency partners during the selection and placement process.

As a Jesuit Volunteer, you are expected to complete your year of service according to the dates in the program agreement. JVs who commit to an additional year will work with their agency supervisor and coordinator to determine the appropriate transition to the next program term and ensure you are both prepared and present for Orientation.